We’re finally at the helm of The Flash Season 7 with two, not one, twists of fate— quite literally too. Killer Frost is free from Caitlin Snow’s body, which means Caitlin can no longer transform into Frost or the other way round. An all-powerful meta (although unidentified, for now, let’s classify her as a meta) briefly made an appearance in the previous episode, that Cisco Ramon now dubbed as Fuerza, establishing the cosmic-forces plotline on a tightrope (In the comics, Fuerza first appeared in The Flash Vol 5 #59 in 2019! She is known to be the tapper of the Strength Force, just like Barry Allen is of the Speed Force).

Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow in THE FLASH S7E5; Photo: The CW

With Barry having recovered from Fuerza’s hefty attack, Team Flash tries to locate her using S.T.A.R Labs tech that picks up isotopes similar to those found at the attack center. Unfortunately, or not, the locator picked up another meta with a similar energy signature as Fuerza’s but with different powers. Cisco calls him Psych (Ennis Esmer) based on his ability to induce realistic nightmares in people’s minds. Cecile Horton was the first of many Central City residents who got deceived by his mind tricks.

Psych in THE FLASH S7E5; Photo: The CW

It’s strange though, Psych shows the thing you fear the most but what Cecile saw was a zombie-like person in a straitjacket with purple eyes, asking her to “return home” and that it’s time to come back. It’s got to mean something, right? Let’s assume this has something to do the multiverse leakage, like how magically Dr. Wells came back from the dead. Speaking of which, the Speed Force in the form of Nora Allen falls into S.T.A.R Labs through a time rift, something which has never happened before.

This episode of The Flash is pretty poignant, that’s not new, although, it not only references Team Flash’s past adversaries but uses their tech at S.T.A.R. Labs. Point to be noted: the Team hasn’t entirely given up its nemesis merch to A.R.G.U.S. The cerebral inhibitor, initially used to fight against Grodd and later Dr. Clifford DeVoe, and first appearing in The Flash Season 3, Episode 23 “Finish Line,” fails to protect Team Flash as predicted. Until now, there’s no trace of Fuerza either. There’s a new character introduced as well— Kristen Kramer, a government employee sent from the logistics department, whom Iris suspects is up to something fishy.

Fuerza rarely attacks the city as opposed to her possible alliance Psych who’s been inducing nightmares throughout the City. Enter Cecile and her empath powers. More importantly, enter DeVoe’s high-tech cerebral enhancing hovering-chair that the Team had under its custody. By expanding Flash’s courage at a much higher power than that of Psych’s, Cecile defeats him easily. And yet, Fuerza is nowhere to be found. Barry’s body is worn down so he enters the cryopod to heal, since the Speed Force itself was healing. When the Speed Force wakes up, it reveals there are ‘others’ like it— the four cosmic forces! This explains Psych and Fuerza’s sudden appearance after the ASF went live. But it still doesn’t explain the what and how. If I’m not wrong, we’re going to be meeting the third cosmic force ‘entity’ in the upcoming episodes! What are your theories? Let us know!

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