Elsa Charretier has been extremely busy over the past several months. She Kickstarted a new art book in September and last month Image published the final volume of November, her series of noir graphic novels with Matt Fraction. But Charretier shows no signs of slowing down.

Elsa Charretier YouTube sketching

Today Elsa Charretier and frequent collaborator Pierrick Colinet announced a YouTube channel focused on the craft of comics. They launched it with a case study of Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye, a 14-minute video where Charretier walks viewers through the artistry behind the comic and what makes Aja’s sequential storytelling so effective.

Channels like Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou‘s Strip Panel Naked show how great a tool YouTube can be for communicating what makes comics special. Unfortunately, video essays centered on comic book storytelling haven’t received much attention in the past, but a new channel from a creator as renowned as Charretier could help change that.

You can support Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet’s YouTube work and receive additional perks and rewards by backing them on Patreon.

Charretier & Colinet launch a new Youtube channel dedicated to sequential storytelling on Friday, April 2, 2021. Their goal is to share their love of the medium and their professional knowledge of the field with comic book fans and aspiring creators.

Weekly episodes, released every Friday, will delve into page structure, panel composition, process, as well as book clubs, and talks about building a career in comics. As avid novel readers and movie-goers, Charretier and Colinet will also draw parallels with other forms of storytelling.

The channel launches with a first episode, a Case Study of one of David Aja’s panels from Hawkeye.

Charretier says about the project: “I’ve long deconstructed, studied and
obsessed over the work of my peers; partly to elevate my art, partly because
I can never get enough comics and graphic novels. Our YouTube channel is the latest offspring born out of that obsession and an exciting way to share our studies, professional tips, and love for sequential storytelling with everyone tuning in.”

The team has also launched a Patreon to help support their Youtube work, where viewers and fans can get exciting perks and rewards, all exclusive to the platform. patreon.com/elsacharretier (offline until Friday).

Elsa Charretier is a comic book artist and writer who illustrated numerous books for mainstream and indie publishers (DC Comics, Lucasfilm, Image Comics…) and Pierrick Colinet is the writer behind many of the fan-favorite Star Wars Adventures books. The award-winning pair, founder of their own art studio, team up regularly and encountered great success on Kickstarter these recent couple of years.