The gripping finale of the Mirror Monarch arc in the last episode of The Flash Season 7 may have ended Eva McCulloch’s reign over Central City but its remnants begin appearing in the forms of support groups and construction sites. When Team Flash successfully tapped into the ASF, this time with the help of Iris West-Allen and O.G. Dr. Harrison Wells, different sets of lightning streaks jolted out of it without anybody’s attention. Or they saw it and chose to ignore it.

The Flash
Iris powering the ASF in THE FLASH S7E3; Photo: The CW
The unexplained “cosmic forces” at the end of THE FLASH S7E3; Photo: The CW
Cisco Ramon and Chester P. Runk in THE FLASH S7E4; Photo: The CW

Eva and her mirror army caused so much damage to Central City that it had to institute a disaster relief volunteering program called Central City Strong to rebuild homes for the unfortunate. In an interview with the local broadcasting channel, The Flash acknowledges that he let down City residents and will “make it up” to them. At the same relief site, Caitlin Snow complains to Cisco and Chester about having a terrible headache that she’s sure is something else. And Allegra is avoiding all work at The Central City Citizen after editing one of Iris’ latest stories about the Mirrorverse. Still an intern, Allegra fears calling out on Iris would weaken their relationship.

The Flash
Abra Kadabra returns in THE FLASH S7E4; Photo: The CW

Later that night at the relief center, a time-traveling Abra Kadabra, who played a somewhat crucial role in Season 3, Episode 18, returns to seek vengeance for his fate. Turns out the Crisis erased his wife and son out of existence, for which he blames The Flash. He plans to destroy the City using an anti-matter bomb that’s somewhat powered by an obelisk, the purpose of which is not explained but A.R.G.U.S holds one of the three obelisks under its custody. So Abra gets himself caught stealing them while Team Flash thinks the sun has set. During the faceoff, Abra calls Cisco “Mecha-Vibe” and apparently that’s his future alias.

Meanwhile, Iris battles her transition to reality and attends a support group for Mirrorverse survivors, where she learns the missing piece for her article— herself. She then promotes Allegra to a staff writer position for having “earned it.” In other news, Caitlin learns the cause of her headache, which wasn’t “just a headache.” Killer Frost is now in full flesh-and-bones, a completely whole person without Caitlin’s transformation. They are two wholesome people now! Further on that, hopefully, next episode.

During their final faceoff, The Flash convinces Abra to essentially move on from a life that he never had and he didn’t even have to “throw in a punch.” Just when Abra discharges his anti-matter bomb and reveals his name: Phillipe, an odd-looking giant monster jumps into the scene from above and kills him. It’s dressed in gym clothes? And dons a ponytail? But also has werewolf-teeth? And can absorb The Flash’s bolts and the anti-matter bomb energy? But this creature definitely has something to do with the multi-colored lightning from activating the ASF. Could it be the cosmic forces: the Sage Force, Strength Force, and Still Force from the comics (The Flash Vol 5 #49)? Fingers crossed!

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