Some new positions at Valiant and IDW, and a new media partner for Oni. For the details read on!


Valiant Entertainment has hired Geeta Singh as Licensing Manager. Singh formerly worked for Universify, a branding company, and King Features Syndicate.

In her new role, Singh will join Valiant’s President of Licensing, Promotions & Ad Sales, Russell A. Brown, in shepherding Valiant’s award-winning library of more than 2,000 distinct characters  – including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Archer & Armstrong, Shadowman, Ninjak, Faith, and more – across a robust and rapidly expanding roster of merchandising channels that includes apparel, collectibles, console and mobile gaming, statues, tabletop games, toys, and more. Singh will also play a key role in Valiant’s account management activities, overseeing industry and partner communications, contract administration, and royalty reporting.
“2015 has been Valiant Entertainment’s most successful year date not only in publishing, but for licensing as well,” said Brown. “Geeta will be instrumental in forging even more exciting partnerships for Valiant in the months and years to come as we extend Valiant’s vast and beloved library of superheroes into even more as-yet untapped arenas. With a wealth of invaluable experience behind her, she is an ideal and welcomed addition to the Valiant family.”

Currently, Valiant works with Ata Boy, Catalyst Game Labs, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, Dynamic Forces, Hyphats, Surreal Entertainment, Trevco Inc. among other, but beefing up the licensing department ensure there will be even more partners.


Meanwhile, over at IDW, Jerry Bennington has been promoted from Director of Business Development to Vice President of New Product Development, where he’ll develop new strategies for IDW Games, IDW Limited, and impulse pack product lines.
“Having known and worked with Jerry for over 20 years, it hasn’t surprised me what he’s been able to achieve since arriving at IDW,” said CEO & Publisher Ted Adams. “IDW continues to grow and expand rapidly, and with this new role, Jerry will be an even bigger part of what we do.”
“It’s been a pleasure to be a part of IDW’s expansion over the past few years.  Everyday IDW raises the bar on quality and innovation and I look forward to continue leading my team to even greater results.” said Bennington.
Bennnington joined IDW in 2012 after a stint as Vice President of Marketing for Upper Deck Entertainment from 1999-2006, where he generated over $2 billion in retail sales, mostly from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.
IDW has been branching out with games and their “impulse packs” meaning those little gift things you get at the checkout line for items including My Little Pony and the Turles, which have been a huge success for the company..


And finally, Oni has restructured its entertainment division, taking it in-house as Oni Entertainment, which will seek new opportunities in movies, TV and games. Oni Press senior editor Charlie Chu and consultant Jason Cunningham will run the new division.

“The creator-owned comics industry and its relationship with other media has changed dramatically in the last ten years,” said Oni Press president and Oni Entertainment principal Joe Nozemack in a statement. “Expectations have evolved alongside the avenues available and we see a new world of opportunities available to our talented creators and their fantastic books.”

Oni’s entertainment arm was formerly overseen by Eric Gitter’s Closed on Mondays, and in an unusually trenchant parting statement, THR reports,

Sources say that with Oni being based in Portland and Mondays in Los Angeles, the distance between offices led to creative differences amongst the divisions.

Despite this, Gitter is still involved with projects he spearheaded including the adaptation of Coldest City which is in production starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy.

Oni’s biggest media hit to date was of course the Scott Pilgrim movie, after which nothing was the same.