According to a news blast they just sent out, Hiveworks, a digital comics portal, had 12,000,000 users in January—last year it had a total of 65,000,000, so it’s on track for a lot of growth. But what kind of growth? According to their about page, “Hiveworks is a creator owned publisher and studio that helps webcomic and online media creators turn their creative endeavors into sustainable businesses. We serve as mentors and as a home for many comics.”


Basically it’s a portal where you can browse and buy digital editions of various webcomics. In January they started offering digital editions of the popular Atomic Robo comic (above), which helped out.

“Things have gone pretty great the last few years,” said CEO Joseph Stillwell in a statement, “While the online comic sector has proven rough for others I believe [the online comic sector] is moving into a much healthier position than it was when we started. Having such quality and diverse content allows us to help readers find more comics to read and enjoy. By marketing any one comic within the network we’re ultimately helping those new readers find other comics. Ultimately, we wind up with happier fans and happier creators.”


Titles credited for helping with the rise in pageviews include Blindsprings, Stand Still. Stay Silent, Parallax. amd additions Atomic Robo (http://www.atomic-robo.com/), SMBC, Der-Shing.