I work at the home office of Barnes & Noble, and we get a multitude of review copies every day.

Being a bibliovore, I like to browse the shelves occasionally, to see what’s new and interesting, and to grab the occasional graphic novel for myself, or a Christmas present for my nieces and nephews.

So, amidst the usual books and magazines, I was a bit surprised to find the following a few months ago:

 a two-sheet, do-it-yourself cut-out of the King of Rock-and-Roll, in his little known aspect as Shiva Elvis, divine transformer!

 I thought it might have been created by Lynda Barry, “Funk Queen of the Galaxy”.  However, when I showed this to her at the recent Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, she denied having created this.

So, readers, do any of you know who might have created this masterpiece?

Or, shall it remain a mystery, like most mythologies?


  1. I’m blanking on the name right now but I think that came from a couple that made toys and art in San Francisco. Not 100% sure but I’ll try and remember. They made stuff like that.