Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into a new retelling of an emperor’s rise to power, a dark apocalypse fantasy, a cyberpunk spaghetti Western, and a true story fictionalized for your fun!

THE ROMAN STARS – Caesar’s Conquest of the Galaxy

Creators: Ivan Brandon (writer) and V. Gagnon (artist).

Goal: $10,000

End Date: Nov. 2

Goodies: A standard edition, dustjacket HC edition, and a guest artist variant HC edition!

This is a unique look at Julius Caesar’s historic climb from Praetor to General to Dictator and how the Roman people’s love for him made him impossible for the law to control. Our story follows Caesar, his family, his army, his battles, and his greatest challenger, himself.

This project is a new way to learn about Caesar’s story of becoming emperor, through the lens of a beautifully drawn sci-fi fantasy oversized graphic novel. Just from the design alone, it’s not hard to see it’s an album-style graphic novel. And with explosive colors and beautiful designs, we at The Beat think The Roman Stars will be a must-read for any comic enthusiast’s collection.

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Creators: Sebastian Girner (writer), Kelly Williams (artist), and Jeff Powel (letterer)

Goal: $13,000

End Date: Nov. 1

Goodies: Digital copy, Physical copy, signed bookplate, artist choice sketch, and your name in the book!

The Dead And The Damned is a dark fantasy apocalypse set in a world that for centuries has been ravaged by a horrifying curse where all things that die return to wage war on the living.

Equal parts sword and sorcery epic and end-times road trip, The Dead and the Damned is a Mature Readers fantasy comic set in an original world spanning a centuries-long history. It features a sprawling cast of characters, jaw-dropping visuals, soul-wrenching drama, and darkly humorous adventure in a world where the only fate worse than death… is life.

The Dead and the Damned is a dark fantasy apocalypse that is a must-read for any fantasy fan. With Beautifully disgusting art from Williams, and the award-winning designs from Powel, Girner is set to establish Goats Flying Press as a bold new publisher, and The Dead and the Damned is exactly how Girner will do it. A story about 4 reluctant, undead heroes being sent out to fix a necromancer’s mistake while simultaneously fighting hordes of undead and avoiding being destroyed themselves by pursuant hunters? We at The Beat would be remiss to not put the word out on this up-and-coming project!

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Creators: Ray Caburnay (writer and illustrator)

Goal: $1,000

End Date: Oct. 26

Goodies: A digital copy, one standard print copy, a poster, print, and variant cover! 

One lone wanderer’s hunt for recompense leads her to the mining town of Cold Water: a tucked-away corner of the wastes where outlaws and corpos alike find a place to lay low. Wastelands is an original tale set in the Wild Wastes of the corporate future by creator/writer/illustrator Ray Caburnay.

A cyberpunk story based on a town full of lowlifes, outlaws, and morally ambiguous corporate slaves? Wastelands is looking to be a unique release. With wonderful art, an intimidating cast of characters, and published by Lesser Known Comics, a company that has worked with over 45 illustrators, writers, and more to help give aspiring comic book creators a platform to launch their careers. Wastelands shows a lot of promise and we at The Beat are going to be keeping a close eye on its release!

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Nothing Can Stop The Jellyfish-Monkey!

Creators: Stephen Blair (writer), Stefano Cardoselli (artist), Juan Gedeon (artist), Mister Hope (artist), Patt Kelley (artist), Sylar (artist), Mike Spicer (colorist), and Joey Sheehan (letterer).

Goal: $14,000

End Date: Oct. 25

Goodies: Digital copy, physical standard comic, a choice between three different covers, a hardcover copy, and your name in the “Thank You!” section!

Nothing Can Stop The Jellyfish-Monkey! is a 46-page comic book loosely inspired by true events and fictionalized for your entertainment. Brought to you by a team of award-winning creators!

In Nothing Can Stop The Jellyfish-Monkey! we follow Andy, the first successfully genetically modified rhesus monkey spliced with bits of jellyfish DNA. We see his creation, his childhood, and his rise to stardom. He’s young, and the world is so full of promise. He has his whole life ahead of him, and he is loved the world over. As time goes on, however, Andy becomes older and is felt to be less special. The world moves on from Andy, and he seems to be forgotten about. He is now just another lab animal. In his lonesome adult life, he spends his days daydreaming about the what-if’s.

What is wonderfully unique about this project is that in Andy’s daydreams, it gives multiple amazing artists a chance to join in on the fun.

Nothing Can Stop The Jellyfish-Monkey! is brimming with wonderful art, brought to life by over six different artists who skillfully render Andy’s Vibrant daydreams. With its unique blend of diverse artworks and captivating story, we at The Beat are keeping a close watch on its release!

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