Welcome to The Beat‘s crowdfunding round-up for August 29th! This week’s favorite campaigns include creators from all over the world, some of whom are trying to bring their first stories to life on the comic book page. At The Beat, we are excited to check out an indie book from the newest Marvel Comics creator debut in a Marvel’s Voices anthology,  Luis Morocho, a graphic novel adaptation of “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes, and more!

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Creators: Jose Luis Guizar (creator), Ruben Romero (co-creator/writer), Luis Morocho (pencils/inks), PH Gomez (colors), and Dave Lentz (lettering)
Goal: $3,500
End Date: October 1, 2022
Goodies: Physical or digital copy of OFFWORLD, Luis Morocho variant cover, RJ Silvers variant cover, Sean Forney variant cover, and Peejay Catacutan variant cover

When two aliens named Oscar & Zar crash land on earth during the zombie apocalypse learning to survive will become the mission.

From Jolzar Entertainment, a comic book combining two of the most captivating genres: aliens and zombies. Crash landing on Earth during a zombie apocalypse, two aliens, Oscar and Zar, meet a young survivor. Together, they must devise a plan to get off-world. The pencils and inks on this project were done by the up-and-coming Marvel creator Luis Morocho, who is making his Marvel Comics debut in 2022’s Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades

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Dream Rider Vol. 1

Dream Rider Crowdfunding Round-Up

Creators: Daniel Parada (writer/creator) and Louise Fogerty (artist)
Goal: $20,000
End Date: September 28, 2022
Goodies: Print or digital copy of the book, art print, and create a custom character that will appear in Dream Rider, with human and non-human options

A Mesoamerican sci-fi graphic novel set in a fictional world that is gripped by a dark conspiracy.

Daniel Parada created a Mesoamerican science fiction world. On the Kickstarter campaign page, Parada explains why it’s important to back this type of story, stating, “I have always felt a lacking in many Mesoamerican depictions in media, either due to poor research, or the presentation of generic cultures for fear of not appeasing a mainstream audience. For this reason, I hope Dream Rider can find its place upon your shelf, rooted in authenticity without stifling the imagination that a sci-fi genre can bring.” SOLD. (Be sure to check out the first chapter via the campaign page.)

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The Highwayman – A graphic adaptation

The Highwayman Crowdfunding Round-Up

Creators: Maëliss Font
Goal: $8,029
End Date: October 1, 2022
Goodies: Digital or printed copy; printed/signed copy and three bookmarks; and a bundle of 15 books to sell in a comic shop

A 100-page graphic adaptation of Alfred Noyes’ iconic poem “The Highwayman” in shades of charcoal and red.

Based on the Victorian-era ballad “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes, which was voted 15th in the BBC’s poll for “The Nation’s Favourite Poems” in 1995, about a highwayman who falls in love with a landlord’s daughter. But when a jealous stableboy reports the robber’s whereabouts to the authorities, the landlord’s daughter sacrifices herself to warn her lover, who is then killed in a futile attempt at revenge (“so they shot him down on the highway, like a dog upon the highway”). The ballad is known for its vivid imagery, making the poem a perfect choice for a graphic novel adaptation. The Highwayman graphic novel adaptation will be a 100-page, 20x28cm, hardcover book with a sewn spine to improve the reading experience.

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BUUZA!! Vol 4: The Long Summer


Creators: Shazleen Khan
Goal: $11,808
End Date: September 6, 2022
Goodies: Digital or physical copy, eco-friendly sticker sheet, extra pages, character design sketches, A5 prints

Volume 4 of the Award-Winning LGBTQ / Slice of Life / Urban Fantasy Webcomic, BUUZA!! is coming to print!

If you’ve been following along with the award-winning fantasy webseries in print or online, it’s time to support the next chapter of Sam, Zach, Musa, and Zhen’s story in BUUZA!! Vol.(which coincidentally is also the longest volume yet at 230 pages). BUUZA!! touches on themes of found family, spirituality, cultural identity, marginalization, and diaspora while featuring a full QPOC cast.

Plus, the physical edition of the series comes in a delightful bag-friendly A5 trim size, a comic book size that I truly appreciate again as the world opens back up.

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Full Color Comic Book: The Adventures Of Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat

Creators: Nalani Smalls
Goal: $5,000
End Date: September 18, 2022
Goodies: Physical or digital copy of The Adventures of Ninja Cat and vinyl character stickers

Follow Ninja Cat on his adventures throughout the lands, saving princesses, fighting corrupted royalty, and taking on new challenges.

Adorable animals. Check. Up-and-coming creator. Check. This is Nalani Smalls’ first project on Kickstarter, but the young creator hopes to expand Ninja Cat’s universe into future stories. Just look at Ninja Cat; the adorable feline hero will activate the same happiness pathways in your brain as your favorite cat meme. 

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