Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up. In this edition: a cartoon ghost dog, a brilliant fan-made comic, a beautiful Ghibli-inspired story, and more.


Figgy Furthermore The Spirit Guide Dog

Creators: Jay Stephens (Creator/Artist/Writer)

Goal: $15,000

End Date: March 14

Goodies: Issues 1-6 in digital format, the softcover, signed copies, the Gold Key painted exclusive cover, and more.

Figgy Furthermore The Spirit Guide Dog, is a brand-new, old-school, all-ages comic adventure, skillfully crafted by renowned creator Jay Stephens in the grand Gold Key Comics tradition!

At the heart of this enchanting narrative stands Figgy Furthermore, a spirited canine soul who, in a twist of fate, found himself lingering in the spectral realm. However, Figgy was no ordinary ghost dog; he was a guardian spirit, bound by an unbreakable devotion to his living companion, the strong-willed and often downright naughty, 6-year-old Howzie Doowit.

With a career spanning three decades in the Canadian alternative comic scene, Jay Stephens has established himself as a notable figure in the industry. His unique style and imaginative storytelling have garnered him a dedicated following, which is why The Beat has kept an eye on Figgy Furthermore; it’s like an animated cartoon in the palm of your hand — and we’re looking forward to its release.

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Pink Kryptonite: A Supercorp Fan Comic Book

Creators: Sarah Amorim (Writer) Ana Patricia Ramos (Artist)

Goal: $1,081

End Date: March 6

Goodies: The comic book in either English or Portuguese, a bookmark, poster, and a video chronicling the creation of the comic.

All of this required a lot of time (1 year), dedication, and money. The story then took shape and became so beautiful that I wanted to share it in a way that was accessible but also helped us raise funds for the next volumes. Pink Kryptonite is a story full of comedy, drama, badass women, women supporting women, and also about women loving women. This story is for us, who deserve much more from a media that doesn’t bother to offer us anything

Summary of the story: Certainly, Lena had chosen a terrible time to go on a trip. But what lately wasn’t a catastrophe in her life? Her friendship with Supergirl had gone downhill, also involving Kara Danvers, the reporter, and her relationship wasn’t exactly the type of connection she wanted. So, when the opportunity to go to Gotham arose, attending a science conference offered by Wayne Enterprises, Lena didn’t think twice. However, the truth was that she should have thought very well before accepting to spend a few days in the city where heroes are nothing more than lunatics in costumes.

Having a fan comic where I couldn’t tell the difference between an official or unofficial release is, to me, what makes fan-produced work so special. And with so much information from Sarah Amorim about why she wants to do this comic, the language barrier that had to be overcome, and collaborating with artist Ana Patricia Ramos, this comic is sure to be something that fans of Supergirl will want in their collection. 

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The Agency Case Files – AFTERIMAGE

The Agency Files

Creators: Colin Craker (Writer/Artist)

Goal: $3,244

End Date: March 10 

Goodies: Digital copy of the volume, a physical copy, a holiday special physical, variants, art prints, and more.

Blade Runner meets The Fugitive as rookie Agent Sam Luna’s loyalties to The Agency waver when an old enemy reappears, vicious CEO Robert Keller. Struggling to outrun her troubled past in Detroit, Sam joins with a group of Bounty Hunters in order to do the one thing she could never do alone: Kill Keller.

The Agency Case Files, the cyberpunk detective series by writer/artist Colin Craker, returns with Afterimage, a brand new, darker tale that continues the story which began in Arcadia (The Agency Case Files Volume 1: Declassified)

Right off the bat, Afterimage is a beautiful sight to behold, with breathtaking art and characters that feel alive; its cyberpunk setting is just the tip of the iceberg. This comic is quality you can feel, and we at The Beat can’t wait to see its release. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, this volume is for you. 

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Lost Letters and My Dear Pierrot 

Creators: Jim Bishop (Writer), Yo One (Artist)

Goal: $7,500

End Date: March 15

Goodies: Paperback copies, deluxe hardcovers, posters, limited edition slipcases, and more.


On an idyllic island where humans and fish coexist on land, young Iode (short for Iodine) waits patiently for a letter he has been expecting, one that seems to be perpetually delayed. Suspecting it might have gotten lost, he takes a trip into town to inquire at the post office. Along the way, he meets a spirited hitchhiker who has been entrusted to deliver a mysterious package by the enigmatic underworld syndicate, “The Octopus.” Their two missions intertwine leading not only to unexpected adventure, but deep personal realizations for both of them… The world is not what it seems, and the simple surreality of their little town may not be everything it seems to be.


Cléa, a young noblewoman, is groomed for a promising future with Berthier, the son of a Count. It should be a comfortable life, but is that what she truly wants…? Fate introduces her to Pierrot, a charming street magician who sweeps her off her feet and reveals what her sheltered life lacks. Fascinated by Pierrot, Cléa follows him to his hidden treehouse in the woods, where wonders unimaginable unfold. The boundaries of possibility expand before her, but is she really chasing freedom, or is she trapped in Pierrot’s spell…?

A love letter to Ghibli films, Lost Letters and My Dear Pierrot feature breathtaking art reminiscent of those fan-favorite movies — yet, both works are beautiful and unique in their respective ways. It’s no wonder that Lost Letters has won multiple awards and the Crowdfunding campaign has garnered more than 370 backers, contributing more than $26,000 to bring the works to life. Quite frankly the only downside of this campaign is the fact there are only two novels for fans to enjoy.

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How Comics Were Made: a Visual History of Printing Cartoons

Creators: Glenn Fleishman (Writer), Mark Kaufman (Designer), Harry McCracken (Editor), Jessica Spring (Co-Designer) and that is selling them short! These are industry veterans with numerous awards and quite the experience!

Goal: $150,000

End Date: March 28

Goodies: A physical and digital copy of the book, a limited edition recreation of a flong (a printing mold) with a letterpress print of classic “Zippy the Pinhead”

If you love newspaper comic strips, you will love my new book How Comics Were Made: A Visual History from the Drawing Board to the Printed Page. I’ve combined years of research and the diligent collection of unique comics printing artifacts with dozens of interviews with cartoonists, historians, and production people to tell the story of how a comic starts with an artist’s hand, and makes it way through transformations into print and, more recently, onto a digital screen. I need your help to make it happen!

If you’re a fan of comics, art, or the press, you’ll want to own a copy of this historical piece. With seasoned industry veterans at the helm, How Comics Were Made is a labor of love. Decades of comic history are compiled, celebrating the art form’s rich heritage. The collection includes comics from personal collections and some materials never before seen by the public. The project is well on its way to reaching its goal, having already amassed $41,000 with more than 534 backers. Don’t miss out on owning this one-of-a-kind project.

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The Red Hook

Creators: Dean Haspiel (Writer/Artist)

Goal: $8,000

End Date: March 28

Goodies: A physical signed copy and a digital version of the book, a bonus digital comic, a signed cardboard head sketch, and more.

THE RED HOOK x DEAN HASPIEL is the third installment in the Dean Haspiel Deep Cut Universe. A 24-page, black-and-white, limited-edition comic book.

New Brooklyn bartender Sam Brosia, aka The Red Hook, faces an existential crisis when he wonders whether he’s wearing the superhero mask or is the superhero mask wearing him? Who is Unmarked Bill, and how does Dean Haspiel fit into his own award-winning comix series?

If you know Dean Haspiel, then you’re probably a fan of his past works like Covid Cop, Billy Dogma, and Jane Legit. If you don’t, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise with The Red Hook. With fantastic art, a crazy story, and more than 146 backers, this project is well on its way to being kickstarted and that’s exactly why you should look into Haspiel’s latest. 

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