It’s probably been a long time since you’ve thought about Comic Shop News (CSN). This print only newspaper – in continuous weekly publication since 1987 – has been a quiet stalwart of the local comic shop experience for years as that newsprint publication you picked up by the comics shop register…or even had lovingly added to your purchase. Founded by Cliff Biggers and Ward Batty, CSN has been putting out comics news weekly for 37 years – making it perhaps the longest running regular print comics news outlet around. 

CSN got news owners back in December 2022, and since then the new editorial team has been focused on covering a wider variety of products and making the newspaper less like the Diamond Previews catalog and more like Wizard in its prime – its shiny, and stuffed with information!

Beyond the visual and editorial changes, CSN has recently launched an exclusive promotion with DSTLRY to promote the new Blood Brothers Mother series from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo RissoThis promotion will launch the new series across CSN issues #1906-1908 – the first print appearance of a new series, from an Eisner-award winning creative team. CSN is only found in the top 10% of comic shops worldwide and publisher Dave Witting suspects copies will go fast.

Of course you don’t need much prodding to want to read a new Azzarello/Risso story. The duo behind the iconic 100 Bullets series have turned out another taut tale of revenge, and Risso is doing the whole story in watercolors. 

The Beat will have an interview with Azzarello with more details next week. 

In the meantime, as a special CSN/ComicsBeat crossover promotion, we’re making this issue and the next two FREE to Beat readers. You can download issue #1906 right here. You can also purchase print copies on the CSN website – just 99¢ each! 

Click to access 1906_Digital_Final-copy-compressed.pdf

We hope you enjoy this digital exclusive preview, but make sure you get down to your local comics shop early to grab a print copy of these issues. Issue #1906 hits stores this week, February 28th. Issue #1907 is March 6th. Issue #1908 is March 13th.


  1. Artwork looks nice! Writing? Looks like not too much to read. Another new book that takes 5 minutes to finish, it’s oversized and….$8.99 ??! Not much value, there. No thanks!

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