Welcome to the latest installment of The Beat’s weekly Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! This week we’re following projects to fund titles in a number of different formats and genres, from creators located around the world. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Shades of Fear Horror Anthology

Creators: Ashanti Fortson (editor), Allison O’Toole (editor)
Goal: CA$74,000/~US$58,006
End Date: October 22nd, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the book, custom clay pin commissions, and art commissions from the contributors to the book

A collection of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on vibrant, emotive color.

This anthology features 11 stories written and illustrated by indie creators including Olivia Stephens and Mar Julia. The idea of horror stories told with a focus on color is an intriguing one, and the collection of talent in this book is undeniable. 

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Hans Vogel is Dead: Volume I

Creators: Sierra Barnes (cartoonist), Cast Iron Books (publisher)
Goal: £9,600/~$13,095
End Date: October 15th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and hardcover physical editions of the book, limited-edition bookmarks, bookplates, and prints, and original art commissions, plus other books from the Cast Iron Books catalog

An anti-fascist fairytale about a World War II fighter pilot navigating the afterlife by Sierra Barnes.

This is the first graphic novel from Barnes, who has been working on it for the past six years, and it shows in the incredible quality of the preview included on the campaign page. The story sounds like a unique take on a World War II tale, and setting the story from the perspective of a German soldier who sees the error of his ways after his death is fascinating.

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Lesser Known Comics Batch #3

Creators: Lesser Known Comics (Publisher)
Goal: $4,000
End Date: October 24th, 2021
Goodies: Physical copies of all seven Batch #3 comics, plus bundles with the Batch #1 and Batch #2 comics

A new batch of comics, mini-comics, art prints, and collectibles from Lesser Known Comics.

“We would rather give a comic book for free through a local comic shop than sell it through Amazon,” reads the website for Lesser Known Comics. That would be enough to get me to support this project even if the seven comics on offer didn’t look great.

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Laura from the Sacred Land Vol. 2

Creators: Alba González (cartoonist)
Goal: MX$94,000/~US$4,678
End Date: November 2nd, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the book, stickers, postcards, original art, and an mp3 of a song from the book

A drama and fantasy graphic novel

This campaign is to fund the second volume in a series collecting the original Webtoon Canvas comic. The story sounds like a fun fantasy adventure, and Glez’s artwork is in a pretty, manga-influenced YA style.

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Cabbage Comics Booty Pin

Creators: Christa Harader (cartoonist & editor), Darren Vogt (designer)
Goal: $1,500
End Date: October 22nd, 2021
Goodies: A pin of a cabbage that looks like a butt, a sticker, a personalized pun video, and editing time from Harader

An extremely cute enamel cabbage pin that also looks like a butt!

Look. I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. Among those pleasures are puns, and things that look like cartoon butts. This campaign hits both of those targets. It’s not strictly for a comic, but I’ll allow it on those criteria.

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