Welcome to another installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Roundup! This week we’ve got a lot of pink projects for all genders and a noir series that reminds you: everybody wants to be a cat… or do they? The Aristocats have an answer for you, but let’s see what these crowdfunding campaigns have to say!

Stretch Marks Graphic Novel: A Psychologic Autobiography

Stretch Marks

Creators: Jean Marie Munson
Goal: $5,000
End Date: May 15, 2022
Goodies: Graphic novel, secret zine, stickers, and virtual book club

A personal comic that reflects on the times that people STRETCHed my self-esteem with their reMARKS about my body.

The creator’s goal is to change the way the media sees beautiful fat people. ‘Nuff said. I’m a strong believer in using comics to heal from eating disorders and fatphobia.

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Moistly Harmless: How to Appreciate Newts and Salamanders

Moistly Harmless

Creators: Ethan Kocak
Goal: $9,000
End Date: June 2, 2022
Goodies: Book, signed bookplate, mini-print, digital avatar commission, and portrait commission

Moistly Harmless is an educational comic book by NYT Bestselling Cartoonist (and amphibian enthusiast) Ethan Kocak, best known for his work Does It Fart? Kocak describes the book as “part field guide, part memoir, and all about [his] favorite subject,” salamanders. He will “cover how you can look for and find salamanders in the wild, why they need protection now more than ever, and how best to care for captive specimens.” As someone who always wanted a salamander or gecko as a child, but never got one, this comic seems like a dream come true.

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A Cat’s Day by Genie Liang from ShortBox

A Cat's Day

Creators: Genie Liang
Goal: $28,449
End Date: June 2, 2022
Goodies: The digital book, the print book, and a bundle that offers both (and a tier for retailers!)

A new 170+ page slice-of-life fantasy graphic novel involving Sam, a magic time-traveling diary + many cats= what could go wrong…?

Zainab Akhatar, the Eisner nominated critic, editor, and publisher of the independent British imprint, ShortBox, and ShortBox is presenting their very first original graphic novel with this Kickstarter campaign to fund Liang’s graphic novel about a young woman and her cat. I back crowdfunding projects when I can, and try to do one a week from the round-up (sometimes two)… And after living alone with a cat for half of my adult life, this was one of my picks this week!  

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Nobunny Loves U.

Nobunny Loves You

Creators: Paige J. Beil, Stephanie Bravo, Abigail Rajunov, and Maddy Williams-Solberg
Goal: $2,5000
End Date: May 31, 2022
Goodies: First edition zine, phone wallpaper, sticker pack, signed prints, and stretch goals

A bunny breakup zine </3

The 22-page zine follows a little bunny who could after she had her heartbroken. Each of the four creators carries the bunny through one of the four seasons, meaning the art style changes each season. The zine is 100% risograph printed, so every issue will have an unique touch, and was created so the artists could experiment with riso as an artform. Help them get their very first self-published zine off the ground! See all of their work here!

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Tails of Mystery Complete Collection + Issue 4

Tails of Mystery

Creators: Kat Willott (illustrator), Rob Jones (letters and design), Asa Wheatley (writer)
Goal: $4,576
End Date: June 5, 2022
Goodies: The complete collection is a graphic novel collection of all four issues of Tails of Mystery as well as three backup comics, and 6 mini prints that include all the pin ups in the book by Alex Moore, Angela Wu, Kit Palmer, Russell Mark Olson, and Sammy Ward.

Final issue of the noir mini-series plus the entire collection in one graphic novel!

Tails of Mystery is “a noir comic mini-series following an old school private detective that, through a combined effort of bad luck and bad choices, gets stuck in the body of a black cat.” Sold. I haven’t read the previous issues, but the Kickstarter has an option to get the whole collection… and the pulpy covers of the detective stuck in the black cat’s body are to die for (maybe literally). For long-time followers of the series, the entire collection has been re-lettered by Rob Jones and comes with a plethora of process material.

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