Vault Comics has announced that “a new era of Barbaric is about to begin” with Barbaric: Born In Blood, written by Michael Moreci, drawn by Nathan Gooden, colored by Fabi Marques, lettered by Jim Campbell, and designed by Tim Daniel

Barbaric: Born in Blood

Check out the synopsis:

Worried Axe is going to find out you fell behind on a few issues? Scared to admit that despite all your friends raving about Barbaric for years, you still haven’t joined in on the fun? Rejoice! For Barbaric: Born in Blood begins the next season of Owen, Axe, and Soren’s tale. Yes, that’s right! We did it…the thing everyone says they’re doing, even when they’re lying through their teeth: a genuinely good jumping on point. How, you ask? Well, it all starts with a compelling new bad guy.

Meet Orrick, the tortured barbarian now turned master torturer, who will take us deep into Owen’s past, revealing secrets that should have stayed buried…like Axe in a chest cavity slurping up that sweet, delicious blood. Will the cursed-to-do-good barbarian finally do some actual good? Probably not! But some much worse guys will almost certainly lose their heads. Yummy!

“I’m so thrilled to announce the next big arc of Barbaric,” said Gooden. “This new arc is a deep dive into the history of Owen and the Barbarian clans. Readers get to see Owen as a child and how he becomes the ruthless Barbarian we all love. Friendships and alliances are splintering while Owen pushes against his curse. New characters and a brand new adventure will dramatically expand the world!” 

Barbaric: Born in Blood

“This is our darkest and most brutal volume of Barbaric yet,” added Moreci. “We’re really digging deeper into these characters and what, exactly, it means to be a barbarian.”

Centering on barbarian Owen and his drunk axe, Barbaric is co-created by Moreci and Gooden. Among Vault’s best-selling series, it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and was named one of the best comics of 2021 by The Beat, Entertainment Weekly, Thrillest, CBR, and more.

Barbaric: Born in Blood will feature cover variants from superstar artists Corin HowellAdam CahoonEd LuceAngela Wu, and Patrick Gañas. Issue #1 will hit store shelves on February 14, 2024.