Welcome to a Black Friday edition of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Hopefully our readers who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterfday are recovering comfortably from eating too much and/or spending time with family. As you’re doing your holiday shopping this weekend, consider giving the gift of comics! Or, in this case, the gift of the promise of future comics! And also the gift of helping comics creators fund their projects, which is the greatest gift of all!

This week’s double-sized column is like a turkey: stuffed! We’ve got ten projects that’ve caught our eye this week, so we’re going to dispense with the pleasantries and just let the comics speak for themselves! Exclamation marks were on sale at the font store and I stocked up!

Let’s get started!


Creators: Ivan Wyrsta (writer), Emman Mariategue (artist), Anomyx Studios (publisher)
Goal: $500
End Date: January 19th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the graphic novel, original artwork, and original scripts for the book

BLADE RUNNER meets V FOR VENDETTA in this dark sci-fi epic about restarting the human race after an alien extinction.

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Gaia’s Seed: A Thrilling New Graphic Novel

Creators: Kurt Bunker (vision/story), Jenny Bunker (writer), Deniz Gulmez (artist), Emily Tallman (cover/layout design), BiFrost Bridge Studios (publisher)
Goal: $5,000
End Date: December 20th, 2021
Goodies: Digital and physical copies of the book, trading cards, miniatures, artbooks, and video game systems (yes, really)

Integrating neurodiversity into speculative and fantasy fiction, with powerful messages and warnings about the state of the real world.

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I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU – The Tale of One Obscure Superhero

Creators: Justin Richards (writer), Jimmy Kucaj (artist), Àlex Santaló (colorist), Toben Racicot (letterer)
Goal: $20,000
End Date: December 4th, 2021
Goodies: Physical and digital copies of the comic, bookmarks, prints, and an exclusively-roasted coffee

A truly original, modern superhero graphic novel: One hero with ALL of the superpowers, but none of the control!

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Discordia #0-#2: A Horror Noir Series

Creators: Kristopher Jerome (writer), Patrick Buermeyer (artist), Toben Racicot (letterer), Dark Tidings Press, LLC (publisher)
Goal: $7,000
End Date: December 22nd, 2021
Goodies: Physical & digital copies, past issues of the series, variant covers, original artwork, and being drawn into the story or a variant cover

An ongoing sci-fi/horror comic about an ex-military private investigator searching for a missing girl.

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The Comic #1-2

Creators: Matthew Cargal (writer), Joe DeSantos (illustrator), Chuck Pineau (editor)
Goal: $2,000
End Date: December 17th, 2021
Goodies: Physical and digital copies of both issues, t-shirts, a roast for someone written by you and printed in the issue, and being drawn into the issue as a heckler for the hero

A Superpowered Standup Comedian. It’s like Deadpool only not as good.

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IGNITION #1 – #3: The Double-Sized, Action-Packed Finale!

Creators: Shawn Pryor (writer), Jenna Lyn Wright (writer), Kelly Guillory (artist), Christina Poag (colorist), Jay Reed (logo design), Crowntaker Studios (publisher)
Goal: $8,000
End Date: December 19th, 2021
Goodies: Physical/digital copies of all three issues, variant covers, bundles, and t-shirts

Transporter Jemele Reid takes a job that throws her into a world of mystery, high-speed action, danger and more in this 56-page finale!

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MERAKI #5 – A Futuristic Odyssey Adventure Story!

Creators: M.K. Palmer (creator/writer), Minhang Moon (illustrator), Trang Pham (flatter), Sebastian Chang (colorist), Lara Willard (editor), Alopix Comics (publisher)
Goal: $9,000
End Date: December 10th, 2021
Goodies: Digital/physical copies of all issues of the series, variant covers, get drawn into the comic, and even become a series regular

Follow along Psi’s dark journey as she takes on Zeus & the Gods! | An LGBTQ+ comic book series.

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Creators: Shah Emami (writer/letterer), J.C. Grande (artist), James Coats (artist)
Goal: $999
End Date: December 13th, 2021
Goodies: Digital/physical copies of both issues of the series

A love letter to 1970s Jack Kirby, spaghetti westerns & samurai cinema. Outlaws, cyborg samurai, intergalactic conquerors & vengeance!!

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Two Kings Legends of Iru and Ekon

Creators: Daquan Bennett (writer), Macchiato Studios (artists)
Goal: $1,000
End Date: December 18th, 2021
Goodies: Digital/physical copies of the comic, t-shirts, and posters

One- Shot B/W Action Adventure comic book series: Two men determined to be King, faces harsh challenges to prove themselves worthy

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N$F #1

Creators: Toren Chenault & Candace Rugg (writers), Alec Smith (artist), Rob Jones (letterer), Jenny Odio (logo/design), Black Hole Comics (publisher)
Goal: $5,000
End Date: December 16th, 2021
Goodies: Digital/physical copies of the comic, prequel comics, variant covers, other books from Black Hole Comics, t-shirts, hoodies, original art, and a script review from the creators

N$F is a 22-page neo-noir financial crime comic. A world where money is more important than it is now.

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