Welcome to the latest installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! This column spotlights crowdfunding campaigns by a team of talented brothers and a sequel to an unusual but fantastic graphic novel. Whether its for an ongoing series or a beautiful graphic novel, there’s a lot to get from these two series on this week’s comics roundup.

Joystick Angels part 2 and 3

Creators: T.J. Sterling (RAE Comics founder and CEO, co creator and writer), Spencer Sterling (co-creator), Nats Ledesma (Artist), Loris Ravina (Artist).

Goal: $8000 

End Date: September 22nd

Goodies: Digital copies of issues 1- 3, with a free digital soundtrack, and exclusive standard and foil covers variant by Caanan White. 

Joystick Angels is a sci-fi space opera action story about a squadron of five teenage space pilots called The Angels who seek glory and retribution against the Eukarya, an evil alien parasite empire who destroyed Earth. These space pilots Fox, Deuce, Tank, Dragonetti and Legz live on a satellite space vessel called The Libor Space Station, the last surviving Human colony in the universe.

With over 5000 dollars of their 8000 dollar goal, it’s no secret the upcoming issues of that Joystick Angels has caught the attention of fans and newcomers alike. Coming from the innovative indie publisher Red Arcis Entertainment (RAE) Comics returns to kickstarter to promote the following issues of Joystick Angels. Fans of the comic already made the first issue a success raising over 8000 dollars in over 72 hours. Now with issues two and three fans are able to jump back into the world of the Angel’s piots – Fox, Deuce, Tank, Dragonetti, and Legz.

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Mirenda and the Golden Horns

Creators: Grim Wilkins (Cartoonist)

Goal: $30,000

End Date: September 21st

Goodies: Digital PDF of Mirenda and the Golden Horns (this reward level also includes a digital PDF of the original Mirenda graphic novel!), Printed copy of Mirenda and the Golden Horns, Printed copy of the original Mirenda graphic novel, Limited edition print with gold foil stamping, enamel pin, Original artwork, including the cover, interior pages, limited edition print (earlier backers get first choice of the pages that they want!), 9×12 inch commission

Mirenda and the Golden Horns is a 70+ page, oversized fantasy comic centered around a woman possessed by a mysterious demon, and her journey to exorcise it. Along the way she makes new friends, evades mystical pursuers, and gets closer to answering the question: Who is Mirenda?

Over five years ago Wilkins released the original Mirenda graphic novel. The novel was meant to look like it had fallen off of a cargo ship and instead of word balloons but instead of text it was drawings leaving the reader to piece together what was happening. This followed by beautiful colorful art made Mirenda meet its goal and leave fans satisfied. Fast forward to 2023 and now Mirenda is back and it’s already crowdfunded over $12,000 with more than 251 backers, Wilkins is creating something to look forward to. 

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