We’ve all met a version of a stereotype, especially in our school days, and maybe we even fell into a few of them ourselves. I’ll admit to being the theater nerd in my high school days. In Nerd and Jock, two of the most well-known types form an unlikely yet adorable friendship. 

Created by Marko R (Marko Raassina), the free web series follows, well, a nerd and a jock. A few times it seems the beefy jock is about to pound on the mousey nerd, but instead, he’s super sweet and just wants to hang out with his little buddy. The nerd offers just as much heart to the friendship, looking past their obvious differences to form a special bond. As the tagline says, “Sometimes friendships go beyond stereotypes!”

Each installment is short and concise, with only a couple of panels, but it’s enough to melt even the coldest hearts. 

Nerd and Jock updates a few times a month. Begin reading here.

Nerd and Jock