A while ago we told you about a new service called Comic Rocket that had indexed over 2000 webcomics, and functioned as a portal to aggregate your webcomics reading in one handy place. Well, since then they’ve added some 7000 comics by teaming up with Comic Fury, a free web-hosting service for webcomics. PR below:

Comic Rocket, the web’s best place to find, follow and read webcomics, has partnered with webcomics host ComicFury to increase its listings dramatically. Comic Rocket users will now have an impressively large list of webcomics at their fingertips. The two companies have agreed for Comic Rocket to post continuous updates from ComicFury’s listings of 6,276 online comics adding on to its own index of 2,777. The influx of new works puts Comic Rocket’s total of indexed strips at 9,053 and moves the company closer towards becoming the ultimate way to read and bookmark webcomics.
“This agreement makes perfect sense for both companies,” said Comic Rocket’s CEO Tim Shields. “We get to more than triple our listings and the webcomics hosted on ComicFury get traffic and attention from our rapidly-growing reader base.”
ComicFury offers free web space to creators to post their work as well as easy-to-use tools to help maintain and display their comics. Additionally, ComicFury offers forums where users can congregate and help each other. Creators can concentrate on the important parts of making their comics instead of the technical details. ComicFury hosts noted webcomics including Supermassive Black Hole A*, Aethernaut, Mushroom Go, and The Other Grey Meat.
The two companies look forward to working together. ComicFury’s creators will benefit from the increase to their readership giving wider exposure to their comics. Comic Rocket will offer access to the entire archives of all comics on ComicFury as well as give strong recommendations that will help guide readers directly to comics that are sure to interest them. Comic Rocket’s high engagement levels, averaging at over 13 minutes per session, will carry over to ComicFury as users that are very likely to stay and read.



  1. This is a good idea, though Comic Fury is predominantly fart-joke obsessed furry loving pre-teens.
    Comic Rocket should expand on the idea though, and build partnerships also with webcomicsnation, drunkduck, and smackjeeves, etc.

  2. Uhhhh what are you talking about, Richard? ComicFury has all kinds of comics, just like any other hosts. I have literally never even seen a furry comic on the front page. Aren’t most of those at Smackjeeves, along with all the yaoi? DrunkDuck is pretty much dead since the update, too.

    ComicFury has the best features, and is the only one of the sites that doesn’t put ads and possibly trojans on your webcomic site. Yeah, there’s some pre-teens. So is there on any free host. What do you expect?

  3. We’d be happy to partner with every webcomics host. However, our readers choose what they’re going to add to their reading lists. We don’t judge. :)