Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! In today’s roundup, we’ll explore three exciting projects that have caught our attention. First up is Fang Hunters, a sci-fi series by Nate Streeper, Ubachukwu Ibeh, and Terrence Burks. Next, we have EVERMIND, a captivating creation by Daniel Wu and Sean Chen. Lastly, we’ll delve into GENERAL STRIKE, a one-shot comics anthology featuring WGA writers on strike, including renowned creators like Grant Morrison and Brian Michael Bendis. Join us as we spotlight these unique and promising ventures in the world of independent comics!

Fang Hunters

Creators:  Nate Streeper (writer), Ubachukwu Ibeh (illustrator), and Terrence Burks (illustrator)

More to be announced with the Kickstarter launch!

Fang Hunters is a fun sci-fi series about seven vampire hunters who hop planets by way of their sentient spaceship and get paid by the fang. The team includes a space cowboy, a knight Templar, an ape marine, an Atlantean mage, a cavewoman, a petite android, and a gargoyle berserker. It’s full of heart, humor, and hijinks!

If you’re a fan of Cowboy Bebop, Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or ’80s cartoons, this book’s for you! The entire series will consist of fourteen issues (each character has two spotlight issues) in addition to two half-issues (a sourcebook and a mid-season story). Written and conceived by Nate Streeper, Hot Damn! Comics will release two issues a year, with Terrence Burks providing art for the odd-numbered issues and Ubachukwu Ibeh providing art for the even-numbered issues.

While the wait for the Kickstarter is still in progress, it’s apparent that love and dedication have been poured into Fang Hunters. With a well-thought-out ensemble of characters, an engaging storyline, and quirky world-building, Fang Hunters promises an exciting experience for fans of space westerns and sci-fi fantasy. The project appears to have considerable potential, and for that reason, we at The Beat believe it’s worth exploring on their website and hearing more about it directly from Streeper himself.

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I am excited to share that this article is brought to you by Nate Streeper. Their support allows us to continue delivering quality articles to you!


Creators: Daniel Wu (co-creator), Sean Chen (creator, writer, and artist)

Goal: $10,000

End Date: Oct. 19

Goodies: Physical and digital copies of issues 1–3, artist edition, exclusive art, and more!

Lucas Zhang wanted nothing more than to flex his scientific gifts to the world—that and to receive some recognition and adoration for his genius. 

His Neurolink project has the potential to extend human life, perhaps indefinitely by allowing the human conscience to be implanted into a mechanical body. 

To fund his grandiose experiment, Lucas makes a deal with Armand German, an entertainment magnate, to use the technology to keep his theme parks, Bobo World, a fantasy land for children, and Underwhirl, a vice-ridden underground playground for adults, in the black.

The Neurolink technology isn’t only keeping gorilla bots and fairytale princesses up and running at theme parks, it’s also driving a far more lucrative and nefarious business of military mechs.

Now the two worlds are about to collide in EVERMIND. 

EVERMIND is captivating, being able to navigate themes and concepts that set it apart from larger-scale productions like Westworld. Daniel Wu has expressed their excitement about the freedom to go big in their storytelling, especially since they aren’t weighed down by the restrictions of traditional film production. Sean Chen’s contributions add visually compelling storytelling, bringing the family drama and sci-fi action to life. As the crowdfunding campaign surpasses its $10,000 goal with over $19,000 raised from over 180 backers, EVERMIND is on the cusp of an exciting release! 

We at The Beat believe EVERMIND is a promising addition to the world of independent comics. Not only are we looking forward to the comic’s completion but are also intrigued by what the future holds for 247 Comics.

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GENERAL STRIKE: Calexit & Other Tales of The Good Fight

Creators: WGA members/comic writers: Grant Morrison (Happy!, All-Star Superman), Brian Michael Bendis (creator of Miles Morales and Jessica Jones), and Matteo Pizzolo (Calexit, Godkiller). WGA members/film and TV writers: Judalina Neira (The Boys, Gen V, The Flash), Rodney Barnes (Winning Time, The Boondocks), Tamara Becher-Wilkinson (Doom Patrol, Daredevil), Jeff Perreca (Bury_Me), Charley Feldman (X-Men ’97, Teen Titans Go!), Daniel Dominguez (Seis Manos, Spongebob Squarepants, Gen:Lok), and many, many more!

Goal: $2,800

End Date: Oct. 20

Goodies: Digital and physical copies, prints, and variants!


GENERAL STRIKE presents Calexit and other tales of Fighting The Good Fight is a 48-page one-shot comics anthology dedicated to the struggle for economic equality.

All the writers are WGA writers currently on strike and we’ll use any profits to match the writing fees with contributions to the Entertainment Community Fund, which supports not just striking writers and actors but also all the crew and workers who are impacted by the strikes and need help!

The last time writers and actors were on strike was in the year 1960, which means 63 years have passed and we are back at it once again. Suffice it to say, moments like these, the hard work and achievements that come from it, will be recorded, they will be talked about, shared, broadcasted, and tweeted. They will leave a digital footprint and most likely never be forgotten. In the midst of this, a comic anthology emerges—a collaborative effort from renowned artists and writers, all driven by a common cause: to champion the fight for economic equality and support fellow writers facing financial hardships. The ones that were dragged on until they “would start losing their apartments and homes.”

This anthology is not just a comic; it’s a piece of history, a unique opportunity to own a tangible reminder of where you stand in solidarity and how you contributed to the cause. The Beat proudly stands in solidarity with the writers and wholeheartedly recommends this anthology as a meaningful way to support and be part of this momentous movement.

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