This year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival will be held November 7-8, in the same configuration as last year — exhibits on the Saturday and panels on the Sunday. AND NO EXHIBITS ON SUNDAY — there was some confusion about that last year but I’m sure everyone will get the drill this time. The poster, by Mr. Daniel Clowes, has been revealed and with it a guest list
Special Guest: Daniel Clowes

Derf Backderf
Charles Burns
Brian Chippendale
Jordan Crane
Michael DeForge
Sammy Harkham
Jennifer Hayden
Glean Head
Caroline Paquita
Denis Kitchen
Benjamin Marra
Yumi Sakugawa
Leslie Stein
Matthew Thurber
Andrea Tsurumi
Julia Wertz

CAB, as the locals call it, is a very indie focused CAF that is tightly curated but delivers a high standard of books and programming. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year for the New York comics scene. The guests list is a good mix of current stars (DeForge, Backderf), up and comers (Tsunami, Sakugawa) and returning veterans (Head, Kitchen) It should be a fine weekend. 


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