The new Comic Arts Brooklyn indie comics CAF, or CAB as everyone is calling it, kicks off on November 9th at the Mt. Carmel Church for exhibits and The Knitting Factory for talks. Information on the show is unrolling at their tumblr, and the guest list has been released:

Paul Auster
Heather Benjamin
Michael DeForge
Kim Deitch
Renee French
Lisa Hanawalt
Simon Hanselmann
Dean Haspiel
Paul Karasik
David Mazzucchelli
Paul Pope
Jeff Smith
Art Spiegelman
Adrian Tomine

There are a couple of names best known in indie circles on that list, including Benjamin, who is best known for her very very very NSFW and disturbing “Bad Sex” comics, and Hanselmann, a Tasmanian cartoonist whose “Girl Mountain” featuring the adventures of a cute witch, owl and cat are an Adventure Time for the even more surrealist set. Added to such more mainstream figures as Smith and Pope, it looks to be an energizing show.

Kim Deitch’s poster for the show has also been unveiled. So in short….all systems go. Subscribe to the Tumblr for regular updates.


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