After some deliberation, it’s official that there will indeed be a Comic Arts Brooklyn festival this year, to be held on November 5 at its usual spot, the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church in Williamsburg.

Organizer Gabe Fowler had expressed some ambivalence about running the show in the past, and given that he does it on his own basically, that’s understandable. This year’s show will be a sales floor ONLY, without a second day of panels, as stated in the exhibitor application, which is now open:

Please note: The show will be somewhat streamlined this year and will primarily consist of a curated book sales event at Mt. Carmel gymnasium in Williamsburg. This is a small show and the odds of getting in are about 1 in 8 (based on past application numbers). Thanks for applying, and we’ll try to accommodate you.

This is good news for publishers, as CAB was a huge sales show in the past.

[First spotted via Tom Spurgeon but I lost the direct link, apologies.]