comic arts brooklyn 2019 poster chris ware
CAB poster by…um, Chris Ware, I believe?


The East Coast indie comics circuit is wrapping up this year, once more, with Comic Arts Brooklyn, which returns to Pratt Institute on November 2nd. Admission will once again be free, with more than 300 artists and exhibitors.

According to the website, guests include Alfonso de Anda, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Anders Nilsen, Art Spiegelman, Breena Nuñez, Charles Burns, Chris Ware, Daniel Shepard, Dirt Palace, Frank Santoro, Françoise Mouly, Gary Panter, Gibrán Turón, Kim Deitch, Lauren Weinstein, Lawrence Lindell, Minnie Phan, Nina Bunjevac, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Tommi Parrish, and Trinidad Escobar

This year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn will be curated by co-founder Gabe Fowler, of Williamsburg’s Desert Island Comics, and new arrival Courtney Menard, a printmaker and illustrator who has “helped bring new voices to the festival and emphasize a commitment to print as an art form.”

CAB, as it’s known among the locals, has developed into a cutting edge showcase of art across many disciplines, with comics at the core. This year’s guest line-up is a greatest hits of art comix with seminal figures Kominsky-Crumb, Spiegelman, Panter, Burns and Ware appearing. Grad students, time to sharpen up those theses?

Programming includes:

  • Chris Ware interviewed by Art Speigelman and Françoise Mouly about his career since appearing in their RAW magazine in 1981

  • Aline Kominsky-Crumb interviewed by Lauren Weinstein about the lives and loves of alter ego Honeybunch Kominsky

  • Charles Burns and Gary Panter discussing “Drawing as a way of Thinking”

  • Kim Deitch and Nina Bunjevac interviewing each other about “The Sublime Detail”

  • Frank Santoro discussing Pittsburgh and experimental memoir with Calvin Reid

  • “Decolonising Comics,” exploring why comix and zines are spearheading the conversation around decolonization

  • “Invisible Wall: Drawing Across Borders,” a surrealist-activist drawing game between artists from New York and Mexico

The event will include more than 300 artists and exhibitors selling comics, artists’ books, prints, and ephemera, including endless rare, self-published, and exclusive material.

On November 3rd there’ll be a FREE spinoff event, CABaret Voltaire, a variety show curated by Matthew Thurber held at Market Hotel in Bushwick.

Participants include:
Ben Katchor on Dairy Restaurants!
Puppet show by John Mejias!
True confessions by Siobahn Gallagher!
A Siberian comic fest documentary!
Vintage cartoons! Comedy! Weird performances! Andrew Jeffrey Wright! Julia Gfrörer! Surprise and Revelation!Sounds like a blast to us.


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