Here’s the second part of our epic list of new books debuting at today’s Comic Arts Brooklyn show at Pratt. More info on the show here. You can find Part 1 of the debut list here.

BTW many book are debuting we didn’t even get to including books by Nicholas Gurewitz and the Silver Sprocket crew. You can find out more at the CAB twitter account.

Birdcage Bottom Books


“Nate The Nonconformist Has A Rival!” by Stephanie Mannheim

It’s 2006, and thanks to several trips to the mall, Nate is the most non-conforming punk at school… at least, until a mysterious green haired classmate threatens his reign. Meanwhile, Nate’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte sees something else in the green haired stranger: a partner in crime for cheating on tests. Nate the Nonconformist Has a Rival! is a tongue in cheek look at high school angst and store-bought anarchy shirts.

5.5″ x 7.5″, 32 pages. $8
2-color risograph covers + interior

“Goat Song” by Larkin Ford

Roy, a lethargic meat cutter, neglects a worsening infection on his leg. By the time his wife Carla intervenes, the lesion is bulging with an aberrant new life.

5.5″ x 8.5″, 24 pages. $4
Blue risograph on cream cover with b+w on cream interior

David Sandlin

Dreams of History cover copy.jpg

Sleep of History (paintings ,books and prints by David Sandlin)
192 page monograph of my work from the past 20 years


Belfaust a Love Story  episode 1
first 24 pages(riso) of a proposed 400 page retelling of Faust in 60’s Belfast N Ireland and 70’s Alabama. Love, Temptation, Betrayal and Madness.

Uncivilized Books

Sweet Little Cunt: The Graphic Work of Julie Doucet
by Anne Elizabeth Moore

Long considered one of the most influential women in American independent comics,—although she left the field, and is Canadian—Julie Doucet finally receives a full-length critical overview of her work, from a noted chronicler of independent media and critical gender theorist. Doucet’s particular ingenuity and success, however, challenge the field of comics to reconsider its critical tendencies, and the cartoonist’s work additionally merits new models for addressing creator contributions. Grounded in a discussion of mid-1990s independent media and the corollary discussion of women’s rights that fostered it, this book addresses longstanding questions about Doucet’s role as a feminist figure, master of the comics form, and object of masculine desire, primarily by situating her oeuvre within a discussion of female-identified critics and comics creators. Doucet’s work is hilarious, charming, thoughtful, brilliant, and challenging even three decades on; it nearly demands, when considered in context, that we rethink the ways we talk about comics in general.

Called “one of the sharpest thinkers and cultural critics bouncing around
the globe today” by Razorcake, Anne Elizabeth Moore is an award-winning journalist and best-selling comics anthologist. Her book Unmarketable was named Best Book of 2007 by Mother Jones. Body Horror is on the Nonfiction Shortlist for the 2017 Chicago Review of Books Nonfiction Award, was aLambda Literary Awards finalist, and was named a Best Book of 2017 by the Chicago Public Library. She was born in Winner, SD and has two cats, Thurber and Captain America. She is the editor in chief of the Chicago Reader.

My Dog Ivy; A July Diary
by Gabrielle Bell

The latest missive from the fertile mind of one of America’s best cartoonists, Gabrielle Bell. When she enthusiastically answers a call to house sit a small Minnesota home for a month. Complete with 2 cats and a neurotic golden retriever named Ivy, the month long ‘vacation home’ proves to be a gargantuan responsibility. As she awkwardly attempts to fill into the void left by the pet owners, Gabrielle’s only salvation is the turbulent relationship forged with the dog Ivy.

Gabrielle Bell’s work has been selected several times for Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and has been featured in McSweeney’s,The Believer, Bookforum and Vice magazines. Her story, “Cecil and Jordan In New York,” was turned into a film by Michel Gondry. The Voyeurs was named one of the best Graphic Novels of the year by Publishers Weekly. Her most recent work, Everything is Flammable, was nominated for the LA Times Book Prize and the Harvey Award. Gabrielle Bell currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Enchanted Lion

9781592702596_FC (1)
Mallko and Dad
by Gusti

A diary, journal, and illustrated story all at the same time written by a father about his son, Mallko, who has Down Syndrome. This book, which was selected as the best book in the disability category by the Bologna Book Fair in 2016, comes as a call and a revelation.


PRH - Through a Life_PRH_FINAL

Tom Haugomat
Through a Life
This powerfully silent graphic novel follows the saga of a boy who grows up to be an astronaut, just like he always wanted, until a fatal space shuttle crash upends his life, and he begins to find solace in beauty here on earth.


Alexander Utkin
The Water Spirit: Gamayun Tales Vol. 2
We rejoin our friend the merchant as he returns home from his adventure with the King of Birds. When curiosity gets the best of him and he opens his new mysterious golden chest, the merchant unwittingly condemns his newborn son to a life under the sea. His son grows up to be adventurous and strong, and when he goes to the sea to serve the Water Spirit, he befriends Tyna, the Water Spirit’s daughter, who promises to help him. Will Tyna save the merchant’s son from her vengeful father?

Charles Glaubitiz 


Once Upon a time in Tijuana #2
32 pg Two color risograph. The myth of the man made world of the border is revealed. Selflessness and selfishness become gods. Published by Burn All Books.


The Singularity/complexity.
Indigo follows spore gong from figurative black and white to abstract paintings. 20 pgs.


Little Miss jaguar
When a young girl finds the power of the ancient Jaguar King, she goes to destroy the illuminati. 20 pgs black and white.

IMG_0390.jpgStarseeds Artbook
The artwork series of paintings and drawings that started the Starseeds graphic novel by Fantagraphics. 60 pgs.

Paul Hoppe


Tales To Behold #8

Here we go again: A bold new chapter in the gonzo super hero saga begins: “Beware The Combinator!” Hijinks, shenanigans and a whole lot of punching combined into a loving homage to 70s comic books, wrapped in a snazzy risograph cover. Rated IM For Very Immature Mature Readers.

Daniel Zender
Ancient Hymnal Cover Zender.jpg

Ancient Hymnal

After a plane crashes near a remote island, the lone survivor explores strange artifacts he finds, and songs that occur at night.

Rodger Binyone


Hex Cymatics
52 pages
screened cover / riso interior
NO-Man Press No.13

Rendezvous with Saturn, cyborgs, cops, sex, drugs, & cymatics in this nonsense sci-fi adventure.

Ian Mackay


Artist’s Strategy
In which an Artist abandons his devotion to beauty and assumes a utilitarian approach to life. 24 pages; risograph printed in yellow, fluorescent pink, and blue ink.

Lale Westvind

Bus Bus Cover.jpg


If only they knew! The seemingly mundane contraption of their commuting confinement was actually an inter-dimensional transport ship! 28 pages, B&W, drawn on bus between Philadelphia and NYC, describes the rituals and ethos of the Inter-dimensional Bus Driver Naval Academy. $5


Stephanie Rodriguez


Stories From the Boogie Down

Stories from the Boogie Down is a collection of short stories depicting the hilarious uniqueness that is the Bronx, New York.

Alexander Laird

oubliette jpeg.jpg


An explorer has been trapped in a twisted underworld that once bore a society and people only fabled to exist. Now she must dig deeper through a maze of beasts and horrors. What will she find below in the Oubliette?

Elly Lonon & Joan Reilly


Amongst the Liberal Elite: The Road Trip Exploring Societal Inequities Solidified by Trump (RESIST)

Published by POWERHOUSE BOOKS and based on the successful MCSWEENEY’S column,  Amongst the Liberal Elite takes readers on a cross-country road trip with Alex and Michael, romantic partners whose voices will resonate with fans of shows such as Portlandia, Parks and Recreation, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The couple decides to use their tax refund to reconnect with their fellow Americans via a cross-country road trip and, more specifically, better understand how Trump won the election. In a quest to visit The World’s Largest Frying Pan (of which there are six in the U.S.) Alex and Michael embark on a journey marked with personal and societal realizations. Arguments about topics ranging from mom-shaming to misogyny related to their pet cat, unsuccessful attempts at yoga meditations in small spaces, and anticlimactic touristic attractions that deepen their gloom about the nation, bring Alex and Michael clarity about what it means to resist. Amongst the Liberal Elite is the political satire we’ve all been waiting for – one that offers comic relief from ourselves.

Austin MacDonald


Time Voyage
A gripping insight into the far-flung future.

Aaron Shattuck

That Which Has Already Been Done

A lady Renfield tries to sell another suspicious character on a poorly maintained apartment while involuntarily revisiting every embarrassing thing she has ever experienced. And there are a couple of monsters.

Color cover; black-and-white interior; 20 pages; 8″ x 10.5″.

Vikki Chu


The Frog King
First installment of the adventures of Frog King and Warthog. For kids and grownups.

Drawings from memory of a hike I took with my dad on Wulai Mountain in Taiwan. Highlights include zip lining through the forest.

Patrick Edell

DAYS- cover.jpg

Life goes in cycles. We all live and we all die. Except Balthazar.

Pat Hughes 


pat_front_3.pngOstensibly Occult: Part 1
A short comic about what happens when an app claiming ties to the supernatural actually has ties to the supernatural for reals.
“A fun romp!” ~My roommate, Mary (thanks, Mary)

Sam Ita

tokyo pop up cover.jpg
Tokyo Pop-Up Book
A Pop-Up / Comic Book about a young American tourist chasing his missing cat through the streets of Tokyo.

Rita Fürstenau

in winter_cover.jpg

Publisher: Rotopol 

It is winter and in a nameless forest in the north, the paths of a cat and a hawk cross. This brief encounter will be fateful for both, as death, who roams silently through the cold night, joins them. “In Winter“ is reminiscent of a classic animal fable, but instead of a moral mediation, the atmospheric tale focuses on the inner lives of the characters and their inevitable relationship.

ISBN 978-3-940304-56-8, 32 pages, b/w, 12 x 17 cm, saddle stitch, 9,00 €

Reading sample

Jerome Walford


Nowhere Man: Jack, Forget Me Not
The future is here and Jack Maguire stands as the last line of defense against it.

“Nowhere Man” is an award-winning, indie, sci-fi/cop drama, which makes its return with volume three, “Jack, Forget Me Not”. Volume three, book one debuts as detective Jack Maguire puts his career and life on the line to take down an arms dealer trafficking dangerous technology through New York City. Even as his former partner, Rose Yancey, takes extreme measures to hunt him down, Jack must face his haunted past in order to become the last line of defense against an uncertain future for the city.

Silica Burn


Iris Erlings
Eight detailed still life drawings depict of a fictitious collection of art objects and ephemera, placing decorative design and art history into a new archival configuration.

Tom Kemp
The Chamber
A mis en abyme containing a nasty and persistent story about the history of optical instrumentation.

Zine Hug


Zack Lydon’s My Beautiful CEO Vol. 1
Honk! Thud! Terrens has a very big, very important interview in the Coolie Building!

Alex Barsky’s Mystery Star
A silkscreened minicomic about friends who learn they must go separate ways.



Clubhouse 11: New York Edition

Colorama and TXTbooks are partnering up to release “Clubhouse 11: New York Edition.” Clubhouse is a collaborative comic anthology series started by Colorama (Berlin) that features risograph-printed call-and-response comics. A group of Clubhouse artists are asked to produce starting images and another group is asked to respond, the series ending in a group workshop session.

Clubhouse 11 features the works of Anna Haifisch, Paige Mehrer, Caroline David, Maren Karlson, Stefanie Leinhos, Pete Gamlen, Adrienne Kammerer, Logan Fitzpatrick, Sharmila Banerjee, Kendra Yee, Aisha Franz, Thu Tran.

Johnny Sampson

slow leak 2.jpg
Collection of comics by Johnny Sampson

Tim Peacock


Pleaser Palace Vol. 4
The fourth and final installment of the series concluding the adventure of three soldier’s journey into a strange palace after their having their vehicle break down in  the desert nearby.

R. Sikoryak


Another follow-up to R. Sikoryak’s Masterpiece Comics, this mini contains 6 short literary adaptations in the style of iconic cartoons. Parodies of Aesop, Twain, DeSade, G. Herriman, B. Keane, W. M. Marston, and more!

Vinnie Neuberg

Present Company Cover.jpg

Present Company
A 28pp collection of short comics, as well as collaborations with Andrea Chronopoulos, David Huang, Molly Fairhurst, and Dalbert Vilarino.



William Dereume
Eggshell 2
A short fictional story titled “God’s Warehouse” prefaces 50 full colour cartoons of an erratic yet holistic world comprised of Dereume’s archetypal primary-colored characters. Eggshell 2 is bursting with frenetic, non-linear narrative fragments replete with cryptic existential quandaries, mythic splendor, and gentle cosmological innocence.


Issue #6 of DDOOGG’s sporadically released periodical with an editorial emphasis on alternative, experimental, and abstract comic art. This issue features comics from Aeon Mute, Austin English, Ema Gaspar, Woshibai, and Nick Norman, an interview with Aidan Koch of IFIAAR, and a text on Connor Willumsen’s “Anti-Gone” written by Steffanie Ling.

Jess Worby
Title: Apocalypse Yoga / American Endings
Description: “Apocalypse Yoga” and “American Endings” are two zines in one, readable from either side. The former represents updated yoga poses for our modern predicaments, such as “Apocalypto balasana” and “Headupownassana”, while the former shows some questionable acts that other Americans may or may not be considering, such as border wall glory holes and what can only be referred to as “flagging”. This zine is the spiritual successor to the Buzzfeed-featured and widely lauded/panned Straight People Sexy Time.Max Pepper

A thematic visual journey inspired by classical mythology, folklore, and medieval art, and the eternal struggle between man and beast. 20 pages of risograph-printed illustrations. 9 colors used throughout on 4 color spreads.

Max Pepper’s Birds: 2019 Calendar
– 4 color risograph illustrations of real and imagined birds. 5×11″

Jess Worby

Apocalypse Yoga / American Endings

“Apocalypse Yoga” and “American Endings” are two zines in one, readable from either side. The former represents updated yoga poses for our modern predicaments, such as “Apocalypto balasana” and “Headupownassana”, while the former shows some questionable acts that other Americans may or may not be considering, such as border wall glory holes and what can only be referred to as “flagging”. This zine is the spiritual successor to the Buzzfeed-featured and widely lauded/panned Straight People Sexy Time.