The ranks of indie comics publishers have shrunk yet again, as Birdcage Bottom Books has announced they will cease publishing, as publisher J.T. Yost has undergone “intense personal upheaval.” 

In a newsletter sent to contacts, Yost announced that he would be stepping away after the Spring publishing season, and Daniel Whitfield would continue running shipping and fulfillment. 

In addition to being a publisher of note  – perhaps best known for anthologies like Digestate, Bottoms Up and Too Tough to Die – BBB was an important distributor for other small press comics publishers, and it will continue in that capacity, at least somewhat, under Whitfield. 

In the email, Yost explained more of how the company would evolve:

I haven’t been able to find someone willing to take over the multiple roles I inhabit, but I’m still holding out hope someone will so that BBB can continue in some form (please reach out if interested). We had a ton of remarkable comics in the pipeline, so hopefully those will still be published (Fieldmouse Press will be publishing November Garcia’s Complete and Utter Malarkey!)

I am searching for a more reliable/stable source of income, so if you know of any job openings that could utilize my skill set, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am hoping to continue working within publishing (doesn’t have to be comics), but I’m open to other opportunities as well (especially if it’s a vegan or non-profit company!). 

I’d love to get the rest of the BBB publications currently in our basement delivered to Daniel in California, so if any of you happen to be driving from NYC to California (near L.A.), I’d be happy to pay you to load up your trunk. 

Thank you so much for being what I honestly consider my extended family. I’ve had so many wonderful interactions with many of you at shows, on social media, or through email, and I can’t thank you enough!

The end of Birdcage Bottom Books follows the similar announced wind downs for Peow Studios and ShortBox last year, and Koyama Press before that. Running an indie small press is truly a labor of love, and like being in an indie band, and eventually real life concerns catch up with people. 

But going on on a high note, the email also included news of BBB’s final season, which, like other recent books, will be run on Crowdfundr. 

STEADY ROLLIN’: Preacher’s Kid, Black Punk, and Pedaling Papa
by Fred Noland

Starting as a hardscrabble misfit and minister’s son in the Bible Belt, followed by a stint as a suburban So-Cal Black punk, and onward to bicycle-obsessed, graphic novelist and dad in Oakland, Steady Rollin’ is a portrait of the author in time-lapse. His memoir is composed of vignettes, uncovering his origins as an artist, exploring relationships past and present, ruminating on trauma and loss, and ultimately finding his place in the flow of life. 
Noland employs styles that capture the essence of the moment and dialogue that reflects the multi-layered complexities and challenges of communication. Steady Rollin’ is an autobiographical anthology stitched together by years of work across styles that range from the sharp and detailed renderings for his New Yorker pieces to dreamier representations from his childhood.  His reflections are at turns absurd, bitingly funny, and poignant. With its investigation the into the cycle of life from the Before Times to The New Normal, Steady Rollin’ documents a world and a life in transition
6” x 8”, 220 pages. $20
Full-color covers B+w on cream paper with 32-page full-color insert at beginning on white paper. Perfect-bound GN

by Desmond Reed

Dramedy has never looked so… squiggly. 
The Cola Pop Creemees: Opening Act is the debut graphic novel by Desmond Reed, and features seven stories starring the five members of the eponymous psychedelic rock band, The Cola Pop Creemees. 
Laugh and cry as you witness Ralph Jonathan, Mona Gertrude, Gil Christopher, Henrietta Susan, and Wallace T.J. tackle depression, anxiety, trauma, family, heartbreak, jobs, parents, memories, addiction, drugs, alcohol, stress, comics, obsession, loss, creativity, music, school, unrequited love, mental health, existential sadness, and more! 
6” x 8”, 240 pages. $15
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN

Flop Sweat #7
by Lance Ward

Flop Sweat is an ongoing serialization of Lance Ward’s autobiographical comics arranged chronologically. Previous self-published collections of these comics were featured in The Best American Comics. Ward’s life has been rife with pitfalls: abandonment, addiction, mental illness, sexual assault, arrest, attempted suicide, and even a death experience (not “near-death”, he was clinically deceased!). Yet, through it all he has somehow maintained a positivity about and loyalty to his art, even after crushing his drawing hand!
In issue #7: After fulfilling his psychiatric commitment, securing his first apartment, and dealing with memory loss due to mental illness, Lance finds himself in the employ of an ex-rock star and lands a gig as a radio show co-host!
5.5” x 8.5”, 24 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched

Flop Sweat #8

by Lance Ward

In issue #8: Working at a vinyl record store and co-host of a Heavy Metal radio show, Lance struggles with the darker side of the business. Also includes the story of Lance’s heart attack, death, and resurrection!
5.5” x 8.5”, 32 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched


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