Today’s free comic Bulldozer Injustice centers on the true story of Afreen Fatima, an Indian student activist at the center of her government’s anti-Muslim policiesFree to read on Insider, the comic is by the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of writer Anthony Del Col and artist Fahmida Azim. Letters are from Taylor Esposito, art direction is by Josh Adams, and edits are from Walter Hickey. 
Read the details below:
BULLDOZER INJUSTICE is the story of an Indian student activist who has been speaking up against the Modi government’s anti-Muslim policies, and how the government turned against her in 2022 – her father was imprisoned (with no hope of being released any time soon), she became a right-wing Hindu media target (and received death threats and more because of it), and her family home was bulldozed.
To read the incredible story and see the images based on interviews and Fatima’s recollection, follow the link here
Bulldozer Injustice