march3dslipcase_lg.jpgAnnounced by Charleston Immersive & Interactive Media today, the production company has optioned Top Shelf’s March for adaptation into an animated series, along with developing related interactive educational products. No release date was announced at this time.

The March series, which currently set as a trilogy, is penned by Civil Rights Icon, Congressman John Lewis, along with his co-author Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell. All three will serve as producers of the upcoming series which focuses on the true-life account of Lewis’ life in rural Alabama, his involvement with Martin Luther King Jr., and his efforts to defeat segregation through non-violence despite tremendous hardships (namely police violence).

Both March Book One and Book Two have been nominated for multiple Eisners, and have found their way on numerous Best of the Year lists. The books have also been selected by Michigan State University, Georgia State University, and Marquette University as a part of their first-year reading programs and was a recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Book Award in 2014.

With the March series of graphic novels, we have a modern masterpiece being released annually, and I very much wait in anticipation for Book Three. My deepest congrats go out to my dear friend Andrew, Nate, and of course, Congressman Lewis (who I’m proud to say is my Congressman here in Atlanta).



  1. Book One has also been our First Year Experience common reading at Nassau Community College for Academic Year 2015-16. We had a magnificent visit from Congressman Lewis, Andrew and Nate in October when they shared their experiences and the process of writing the texts with our faculty and students. Kudos to the authors. May the series do the work justice. Dr. C. Fagan, NCC

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