While we’re still in a holding pattern on MCU big-screen news until after Avengers: Endgame runs its course, or at least once we get past opening weekend, to discover all its twists and turns – the big developments over at Marvel Studios right now, that anyone is willing to talk about, relates more to some closely aligned tv offerings.

We already knew that Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, was going to be the venue by which Kevin Feige and co. roll some new streaming series that focus on some of the supporting casts of their mega-billions franchise. We also know that the first three of those shows are set to focus on Loki, The Winter Soldier and Falcon, and Vision and Scarlet Witch respectively.

While Empire producer Malcolm Spellman is the lone creative attached to the Winter Soldier/Falcon series that’s yet to be named, and Loki remains writer/producer-less so far (at least that we know of), it’s The Vision and Scarlet Witch that will be pulling from their in-house talent.

Jac Schaeffer, who co-wrote Captain Marvel, and is currently plugging away at a Black Widow script, is set to now also write the pilot episode for The Vision and Scarlet Witch. Schaeffer will also serve as an executive producer/showrunner. Both Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen are expected to return to the title roles, though how that comes to be will depend on how Endgame goes I bet…or maybe it’s a flashback, but that’s way less exciting. Adapt the King/Walta Vision I say…but with more Wanda, of course.