§ Nice Art: One of these days I’ll get around to some of Asaf Hanuka’s web offerings for A Year of Free Comics – or send you to buy The Realist – but in the meantime he just renovated his website and oh, the illustrations.



§ Industry legend Marv Wolfman was recently a guest on the DC Daily, and on FB he wrote that he was about to get a stunning surprise to mark his 50th year in the biz!

I’ve mentioned that a few weeks ago – way back in 2018 – that I was brought to Burbank to record one of the DC Daily shows for their streaming app only to discover they had set up 50th anniversary surprise for me (my first DC comic story was published in 1968).

They recorded a wonderful show that DCU subscribers can see and incredible things were said for which I am humbled and truly grateful, but then they brought out the most amazing gift: they took one of George Pérez’s earliest drawings of Deathstroke from New Teen Titans #2, somehow turned it into 3D and cast a unique, singular special 50th anniversary gold colored statue for me . The base, which has the DC symbol embedded on it, is engraved with the words “To Marv Wolfman. 50 years and counting.”

I don’t have the proper lighting or camera equipment to best show you the statue, but trust me it is gorgeous and is in amazing detail. And it means more to me than anything else could have.

People who know me know I am rarely outwardly emotional, but I was then. And still am.

Thank you.

(I’m FB friends with one of the DC people who made this possible, and though her post is private, suffice to say she was really happy to be able to help put together this special moment for Marv.)

The episode where this tribute took place is only for DC Universe subscribers – boo! – but there is an interview with Marv up on YouTube. Also he posted a picture of him meeting Conor Leslie, the actress who is playing Donna Troy/Wonder Girl on the Titans TV show.


I stan for Marv,  and he is truly a legend.

§ Noelle Stevenson does a year in review blog post on her tumblr every year and she did one for 2018. They are always personal but this one is…well, just read it. It’s a beautiful essay for anyone who struggles. And also the art in it is sooooo good. I know we needed She-Ra, but I would love to see Stevenson get back to just comics some day. but most of all, I just want her to be happy and well.


§ Ellen Lindner is this week’s diarist at The Comics Journal. 

§ Speaking of artists launching websites, Liam Sharp, who is killing it on The Green Lantern, just launched a website with the unexpected name A store is being set up but in the meantime you can just lose yourself for hours in the artwork. On Sharp’s page it’s HUGE. Aqua_spread.jpg

§ Oh and Geoff Boucher is back at Deadline with an interview with the other Green Lantern scamp, Grant Morrison:

DEADLINE: As a writer you have to identify with your characters but I don’t suppose you have to actually like them. With Hal Jordan, your disaffected spacemen, is he someone you would like to meet and hang out with?

MORRISON: Possibly. I think he’d be interesting if you’re in a room talking to him. I think he’d be very charismatic but would I like him. For me the interesting thing in working on Wonder Woman and now on Green Lantern is getting into characters that are quite unlike me. Trying to find common ground with this guy — I mean he’s a test pilot, he’s very cool, he’s got no fear, he rushes into things because he’s so good at everything that he can usually handle anything. That’s not me. He’s The Right Stuff guy, as you said, and he’s got the ego and confidence. In the continuity of DC Comics, too, this guy is weird. He’s lived, he’s died, he’s been reborn, he’s had these cosmic adventures and he’s got the psychology that he’s actually been able to handle all of that. A lot of the thing in superhero comics these days is about their trauma and P.T.S.D. and the fragility of superheroes. But Hal Jordan is beyond any of that. It’s a big challenge. What would he be like to talk to? He’s not the same as the rest of us.



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