With just 8 days to go until The Punisher returns to Netflix for its sophomore season, Marvel has finally released an extended trailer for season two. In addition to more details about the battle between Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) and Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), the trailer also gives us our first glimpse at Amy (Giorgia Wigham), a teenager Frank seemingly adopts in some way.

The official season two trailer features voice-overs by Amy and Frank, who have a conversation in what looks like a hotel room about a shoot-out in a bar. She says, “You know, it’s almost like you were happy for the excuse,” commenting on why Frank apparently got involved in the violent altercation. From her comments, it seems like Frank is helping her deal with some big bads — including John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart), an alt-right Christian fundamentalist who’s been majorly hyped as a villain for this season of The Punisher.

In the teaser trailer released last week, the focus was on Frank and Billy, so of course, their conflict is expanded in the official trailer. We see Netflix/Marvel recurring characters like Brett Mahoney (Royce Johnson) noting Billy’s return: “Billy Russo’s back and he has an army.” Additionally, we see Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) and Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore), both of whom were integral in the Punisher‘s first season.

We definitely have questions about some of the clips in this trailer — like Frank kissing a dark-haired stranger. Check out the official Punisher season two trailer below and be sure to watch on Netflix when the series returns next Friday, Jan. 18.

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