For an E3 conference, Capcom’s presentation was notably light on surprises. Anyone expecting the next Resident Evil or Mega Man left disappointed. But, if you’re eager for new content in recent Capcom games or an Ace Attorney superfan, this conference probably had something for you. Here’s what we learned about the rest of Capcom’s 2021.

Capcom Resident Evil

Capcom wasn’t ready to show any footage, but promised that DLC is in the works for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil RE:Verse didn’t receive a release date, but it got a release month. The multiplayer title will arrive sometime in July.

Next up was Monster Hunter news. Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.1 is available on June 24. Capcom also provided a roadmap for future content coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

The first update to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and a free trial both come out July 5.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles arrives on July 27, collecting the two games in the Ace Attorney series originally limited to Japan when they came out on the Nintendo 3DS. Set in the late 19th setting, protagonist Herlock Sholmes (really) has to prove his case through investigation and a dramatic court trial. The new collection adds two new features: Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination. You can learn more about in this 5-minute trailer

The presentation ended with a spotlight on Capcom eSports and the Capcom ProTour, diving into the competitive Street Fighter community. It may have been interesting to people intensely interested in the competitive fighting game scene, but that’s unlikely to describe a big number of viewers to Capcom’s presentation. The publisher’s E3 2021 showcase seemed to miss the mark, but at least it’s far from alone on that front.