College can be wild. Not only is it typically the first time you get to act like a functioning (sort of) adult without your parents hovering over you, it’s a time to discover yourself, make friends, and find your purpose. For Jeb and Todd in Rooftops & Roommates, university is exactly what you’d think—schoolwork, parties, girls. Just one thing: Jeb is secretly a gargoyle and it is getting harder and harder to mask his true identity.

Created by Zaanart, the comedic web series offers a unique concept in a fun, intriguing way. Jeb is trying to get an architecture degree, but his gargoyle-ness keeps creeping out. He gets nearly caught in his true form pretty frequently, and hiding is getting more complicated. And now there’s a ghost to contend with? It’s just too much.

The characters are likable and even though you probably don’t know what life is like being a gargoyle, you can relate to Jeb’s plight of just trying to make it through the packed day unscathed. We see (and feel) awkward moments with potential dates. We feel the overwhelm of papers and studying. And even though he’s a supernatural creature, it’s the mundane stuff that is appealing.

Rooftops & Roommates only has a few episodes on Webtoons at the time of this writing. New installments go up every Monday and Friday. Begin reading here.

Rooftops & Roommates