I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting a show about small town football culture to be a subject of nostalgia for indie cartoonists, but, hey, this is the social context I was moaning for the other day. Plus Friday Night Lights WAS one of the great TV shows of the Aughts.

Thus Melissa Mendes (Freddy Stories) has engaged Dan Zettwoch, Jesse Lucas, Nomi Kane, Sean Ford, Sam Spina, Jon Shaw, Henry Eudy, Laura Beck, Minty Lewis, Derik Badman, Thien Pham and Mark Miyake, Gretta Johnson, Jeff Lok, Breanne Trammell, Julia Gualtieri, Denis St. John, RJ Casey, and Lucius Wisniewski to make Can’t Lose: A Friday Night Lights Fanzine. It’s only $5 for 40 pages and comes with a Tim Riggins paper doll (complete with cowboy boots and a can of Lone Star) that will allow you to act out the failed promise of Taylor Kitch’s movie career. Cover by Chuck Forsman.

Look, you can spend $5 on 1/20th of come big comic book event or you can spend it on a Friday Night Lights fanzine. Easiest decision ever?


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