200802290344Everyone has been very, very sad that dear, dear Gerard Butler didn’t end up with a role in WATCHMEN, although he and director Zack Snyder had professed their undying love for one another many times. However, all is not lost! Empire reports that Butler will voice the captain in an anime-style cartoon of “Tales of the Black Freighter” the comic-within-the-comic. This is planned as a bonus feature on the DVD, but may still be excerpted in the film if it works narratively, Snyder says. As for Butler, he joins the long queue of WATCHMEN fans:

“I actually read the script before reading the comic book and I thought it was awesome,” continued the 38 year-old. “Then I read the comic book and it’s great. The little bits that have been added define it so much more. It’s very dark and there’s just something so descriptive and scary. It’s this descent into madness but explained in such a sane way that you totally feel it yourself. By the end, my heart was pumping!”

Good news, but can he possibly top Nina Simone? Doubtful.


  1. Makes no sense. Nearly all anime series are ALREADY not about superheroes, it’s a really bad attempt to shift the metaphor across from comics to film. But then the whole idea of making a film of a comic inherently about the comic medium is crazy anyway.

    Hopefully they’ll at least get 4°C or Production IG or some other high end anime studio to make it.

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