Todd Klein reports that a second printing of his print of “The Alphabets of Desire” by Alan Moore will soon be available.

The second printing of “Alphabets of Desire” will go on sale at 1 PM Eastern Time, Thursday March 6th. This second printing of 500 differs from the first printing in two ways, as shown above: Alan has signed them in either blue or black ballpoint, instead of the red ballpoint used on the first printing. And in the small type along the right edge I’ve added the words “2nd printing Jan. 2008″. They are otherwise identical to the first printing. The first printing sold out in less than three days. I have no idea how quickly this one will sell, but be forewarned. At this time I’m limiting sales to a maximum of three copies per person/order, to give as many people as possible a chance to buy them. If copies are still available after March 24th, you can reorder.

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