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§ Johnny Bacardi presents an entire Warren story by Archie Goodwin and Steve Ditko.

§ We had previously blanked on this fine report by Mike Cavallaro on life at the Deep Six Studio:

The studio makes falling off somewhat difficult. Checking your email is likely to produce a sarcastic, “how’s that page comin’?” from across the room. Obsessively over-noodling will cause a roomful of verbal whips to crack. For as much goofing around that goes on there, you’re still more likely to get work done than you are to doze off (Dean’s music insures against the latter, anyway).

§ Tim Broderick tries to categorize comics in a more useful way than the whole indie/mainstream/superhero thing we’ve been going on about for days.

Here’s what I mean. You, as a comics creator, are an independent agent. You need to approach all this as a business and you need to protect your own interests. You also need to figure out who your market is and the best way to get your work in front of those people.

Unless you choose the self-publishing route, that means you need a business partner in the form of a publisher of some sort. Forget superhero and art comics – I wish we would just get rid of those terms all together. Here’s the terms I use, and they’re not a label for me or my work. They describe who I might do business with

§ We spaced on the fact that David Welsh has moved his Flipped column on manga to The Comics Reporter.

§ Our big-ass Dave Sim post drew many responses across the ‘net, of which perhaps the best were Leigh Walton, Tom Spurgeon and Valerie D’
. Val’s was actually a response here on the post, but we wanted to draw attention to it. Actually, thanks to everyone for the almost uniformly high-level discussion that took place here.


  1. I didn’t have anything to add to the Dave Sim discussion, as I’ve never read any of his works.

    I was just so pleased to see such intelligent discussion (on the Internet!) about such fraught issues.

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