This week sees the release from AfterShock Comics of Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside #2. The second issue of the supernatural horror series follow-up comes from writer Paul Tobin, artist Andrea Mutti, letterer Taylor Esposito, and cover artists Mutti & Colleen Coover. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the next installment of the series, which digs deeper into the mysterious connection between Bee and the titular Bunny Mask.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside #2:

The Hollow is back on his never-failing hunt to eradicate his victims not only from their lives, but existence itself. Now his sights are turning to Bee and Tyler, even as they struggle to decide who they are to each other. Bee comes face to face with her greatest inspiration and direct threat, Bunny Mask. 

In a statement back when the follow-up was announced, writer Paul Tobin described who he would like to see responsible for a big-screen adaptation of the series:

“As for director, someone like Takashi Miike would be amazing, though there’s an amazing wealth of other people I’d love. I’ve an affinity for Japanese and Korean horror directors, as I feel they work with the pure tension of horror in interesting ways. Wouldn’t have to be a horror director, though, because I think a good comedy director has the chops to make a horror film. The two genres have such focus on precise timing that if you can do one, you can do the other. For that reason, people like Olivia Wilde (who I thought was amazing with Booksmart) or Rian Johnson with his impeccable Knives Out would be fantastic. There’s a lot of others, though. And, an actress to portray Bunny Mask? Hmm…I’d probably go with someone new who could really make her mark. Someone who can exude presence even while just standing still. A Veronica Lake. A Theda Bara. A Josephine Baker.”

Check out the exclusive four-page preview of Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside #2 below. The latest issue of the series is on sale in stores and digitally today.