Sean T Collins rounded up reactions from creators and fellow publishers on the closure of Buenaventura Press, and it’s all sad, sad, sad. We’ve heard bits and pieces of the story behind the story, and that’s all sad too. For now we’ll respect Alvin’s wishes for privacy at this time and just reiterate our hope that he can continue to find a way to contribute to this golden age of comics art.

In the meantime, Chris Butcher used the occasion to promote other great indie comics publishers who are still getting the job done, and hopefully he won’t mind us stealing his links to do the same:

AdHouse Books – http://adhousebooks.com/.
Bodega Distribution – http://www.bodegadistribution.com/ (also on hiatus for the yeaer but planning to return in 2011)
Conundrum Press – http://conundrumpress.com/
Drawn & Quarterly – http://drawnandquarterly.com/
Fanfare / Ponent-Mon – http://ponentmon.com/
Fantagraphics Books – http://fantagraphics.com/
Koyama Press – http://koyamapress.com/
La Pasteque – http://lapasteque.com/
New Reliable Press – http://newreliable.com/
Oni Press – http://onipress.com/
Picturebox Inc. – http://www.pictureboxinc.com/
Pop Sandbox – http://popsandbox.com/
Secret Acres – http://www.secretacres.com/
SLG Publishing – http://slgpublishing.com/
Sparkplug Comic Books – http://sparkplugcomicbooks.com/
Top Shelf Comix – http://topshelfcomix.com/
Topatoco – http://topatoco.com/
Tug Boat Press – http://tugboatpress.com
U.S.S. Catastrophe – http://www.usscatastrophe.com/
Please check out these publishers and support their efforts. We are truly seeing more great comics than at any other time in history and these are the people getting it done — in most cases, just for love and a little bit of money.


  1. Also:
    One Percent Press, Partyka, Global Hobo and Microcosm – great publishers of minicomics, grahpic novels, prints, zines and other fine things.