Bryan Hitch, the king of widescreen comics, is announcing the end of his Marvel run of nearly ten years — or at least that’s what he’s tweet hinting:

In two days time, an amazing decade at Marvel closes for me. What a wonderful time to have joined the party. Very proud and honoured.

For the last month, Hitch has been counting down to a purported huge announcement. He has only five days to go, so January 3 will be the big day — coincidentally, the day that Hitch’s frequent — Ultimates, Authority– collaborator Mark Millar also has an announcement planned. Hm.

While Hitchy, as he is known to pals, has definitely been playing the social networking game well with all this news rollout, a subsequent tweet where he hinted at his next project has proved controversial:

So naturally new horizons beckon. Boy ate they something. See you there.

While some might think “ate” was a typo for “are” — everyone makes mistakes when they tweet, right? — some see it as code — and think the acronym B.A.T.S. means he’s going to DC to draw Batman. Others think…well, damn you, auto-correct.

Hitch’s last project for Marvel, The Ultron War miniseries, has yet to be published, but Brian Bendis has confirmed that Hitch has drawn his end of it.


  1. I suspect that people are looking for patterns where none exist. Even if they’re right about the acronym being deliberate, unless the project is Restaurant Critic Batman it’d be both code AND a typo because “ate” still wouldn’t make any sense.