At tonight’s National Book Awards – the Oscars of books – March Book Three won in the Young People’s Literature category. It’s the first graphic novel ever to win an NBA.

I’m told a bunch of folks there are going “bananas.”

March Book Three is a timely tale that only grows more powerful in its account of the fight — often physical and violent – for civil rights for ALL US citizens. And as Rep. John Lewis, whose life it chronicles, has often said “I was always making trouble. The good kind of trouble.”


Congrats to Lewis, co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell. This is an  honor richly deserved.


There’s a live interview with IDW publisher Ted Adams up on the PUblishers Weekly FB page. Check it out!



  1. This is HUGE! Congrats to the creative team. It’s an amazing story and delivered by some incredibly talented people. Congrats to Chris Staros for having the vision to publish the series. A special congratulations to Leigh Walton for busting his ass the entire time to make sure everyone, in every corner of the country, has heard about or read these great books.

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