Natasha Allegri’s BEE & PUPPYCAT cartoon is Cartoon Hangover’s latest attempt at world domination — and a highly successful attempt it has been. A Kickstart to make a full season of internet shorts raised more than $800,000, and the series has joined the cartoon mafia over at Boom Studios with a comic coming out next month. Allegri will co write with Garrett Jackson and covers illustrated by Allegri, Zac Gorman (ADVENTURE TIME), Coleman Engle (BRAVEST WARRIORS), and Becky Dreistadt (ADVENTURE TIME).

Allegri is a former Adventure Time designer, a Tumblr titan and the creator of the spinoff characters Fionna and Cake. BEE & PUPPYCAT is the most funded web series project in Kickstarter history—and its extremely kawaii tale of a harried young woman and her wacky alien animal companion is a grand slam home run for the times we live in.

Plus…PUPPYCAT. How did no one think of that before?

BEE AND PUPPYCAT #1 goes on sale on May 14th with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code MAR140984. Cover A by Natasha Allegri and Cover B by Zac Gorman will ship in a 50/50 intermix. Variant covers by Coleman Engle and Becky Dreistadt will be available in limited quantities.

BEE AND PUPPYCAT #1 Cover A by Natasha Allegri


BEE AND PUPPYCAT #1 Cover B by Zac Gorman


BEE AND PUPPYCAT #1 Cover C by Coleman Engle


BEE AND PUPPYCAT #1 Cover D by Becky Dreistadt