It’s been just two months since Miles Morales became a big brother, but Billie Mariana Morales has already captured our hearts. On Friday, Marvel revealed a new Rahzzah variant cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #18, debuting in May, featuring Billie learning how to sling webs with her big brother in what is possibly the cutest art to come out of 2020 so far.

Marvel has yet to release their May 2020 solicits, so an official description for the issue isn’t yet available, but issue #17 hits shelves on April 1 and lands Miles smack in the middle of the Outlawed event. Ostensibly, he’ll still be dealing with that mess in issue #18 (and beyond). This new world order will surely complicate things for him and all of his friends; Miles just can’t catch a break lately, can he? He’s been kidnapped, tortured, and attacked by villains and school administrators alike, and now this…

Miles Morales: Spider-Man is written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Carmen Carnero, who joins the creative team with issue #17. Stay tuned for more info about Miles’ future and in the meantime, check out the super cute Rahzzah variant cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #18 with Billie and Miles below. She’s a little too young to be a superhero just yet, but she’s already got the style for it!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #18 Billie Morales variant cover


  1. Billie hopefully will be the future love interest of Gerry Drew son of Spiderwoman aka Jessica Drew.

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