Next week, Archie Comics will release Big Ethel Energy Volume 2. The second print collection of the WEBTOON original series featuring Ethel Muggs and the rest of the Riverdale gang comes from the creative team of writer Keryl Brown Ahmed and artist Siobhan Keenan. Today, ahead of the collection’s release, Archie Comics has released a first look at the print edition of webcomic.

Here’s how Archie Comics describes Big Ethel Energy Volume 2:

The second volume of the hit WEBTOON series Big Ethel Energy is here! When we last left off, Ethel’s return to Riverdale has been confusing and everyone seems to be dealing with something—Archie’s going through it, Betty’s obsessing over her boss Seth, Jughead is cold and distant, and Veronica is… well, Veronica. And as for Ethel—it seems like feelings were starting to brew between her and a most unlikely counterpart: Moose! But Ethel’s never had much luck with love—so why would this be any different? Plus, what secrets about Riverdale will she discover while she’s hard at work on a story about its history?

Check out the preview of Big Ethel Energy Volume 2 below. The 208-page trade paperback collection is due out in stores on Wednesday, February 22nd.