The weekend is here, and it’s brought along Weekend Reading 149! Here at Stately Beat Manor, the Beat Elite are paging through some exciting reading material this weekend.

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Weekend Reading 149

Weekend Reading 149
Weekend Reading 149: Queenie & The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs.

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’m going to be checking out The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs by Tristan Gooley. This introductory guide promises to lay out a framework for approaching nature walks using Holmesian thought processes. It promises to help explain how to “use outdoor clues to find your way, predict the weather, locate water, track animals — and other forgotten skills.” Then as far as comics go, I’ll be reading Queenie: Godmother of Harlem by Elizabeth Colomba and Aurélie Levy.

Weekend Reading 149
Weekend Reading 149: Bear Head

DEAN SIMONS: Still ill but hopefully on the mend. Going to spend the weekend reading some 2000 AD and continuing my reading of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Bear Head (the sequel to Dogs of War). Re: 2000 AD – I am ridiculously behind on everything (around April 2022) and I have forgotten some things so I plan to backtrack to where many serials began and recap before continuing where I left off properly. 

Weekend Reading 149
Weekend Reading 149: Coming Out Under Fire

KELAS LLOYD: I’ve finally remembered to check out a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while, Coming Out Under Fire by Allan Berube. There’s a lot of queer history I’m unfamiliar with and I feel it’s more important than ever to know what came before. I need to find another good comics series to jump into.

Weekend Reading 149
Weekend Reading 149: Thor & Loki: Double Trouble

TAIMUR DAR: I only got into Mike Mignola’s Hellboy about 10-15 years ago and as such I’ll be the first to admit there’s bound to be some gaps in my reading. Case in point, I happened upon the Hellboy: Weird Tales collection featuring stories not only by Mignola but other talented creators in the Mignola-verse. So I’ll be checking that out as well as the Thor & Loki: Double Trouble miniseries by writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Gurihiru that I’m only realizing now I never had to chance to read in proper

CY BELTRAN: I’ve been trying to read New Mutants, X-Force, and Generation X all the way through, and, being in 1992, I’ll be jumping into Cable: Blood and Metal by Fabian Nicieza and John Romita Jr., then diving headfirst into X-Cutioner’s Song (which I actually dig a lot) by Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, Peter David, Brandon Peterson, Jae Lee, Andy Kubert, and Greg Capullo. But… while I wait for a package I ordered with some of those issues, I plan to check out Public Domain by Chip Zdarsky and edits by Allison O’Toole. I’ve read the first couple issues on his Substack, but I’ve been eagerly waiting to read the whole series in trade.

Weekend Reading 149: Cable.

BILLY HENEHAN: Last week, I wanted to read Necrosha, the X-Men crossover from 13 years ago that passed me by when it came out. Recently, I had been seeing snippets of Clayton Crain’s art from it online and decided to pull it up in Marvel Unlimited. This sent me down a rabbit hole of 2009-2012 X-Books, reading Second Coming and the excellent Cable series by Duane Swierczynski, Ariel Olivetti and others that followed it. I loved the concept of that Cable series when it came out, post-apocalyptic Lone Wolf and Cub style story with gorgeous art by Olivetti, but missed an early issue leading me to drop the series.I wish I read the whole thing when it first came out, because it’s a lot of fun! I just finished the final issue of that Cable series last night, so I’m about to jump into Messiah War this weekend!

REBECCA OLIVER KAPLAN: I still need to finish up my weekend reading from last weekend, so I will be finishing Art Spiegelman‘s Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*!. Then, I am finally reading my review copy of Fungirl: Vulva Viking by Elizabeth Pich, and so far, it reminds me of that roommate from college, except better since I don’t have to live with her. Also, from Silver Sprocket, I’m also reading Golden Record by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell.

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