Archie Comics has provided The Beat with a preview of this week’s Betty & Veronica #2. The latest installment in the pair’s latest miniseries is written by Jamie L. Rotante, with art by Sandra Lanz, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli. Here’s how the publisher describes the issue:

“Senior Year, Pt. 2: Fall” – The girls are under stress from their parents and peers—Veronica’s parents want her to attend their alma mater; Betty’s parents are stressing out over the cost of college.  Betty and Veronica start to grow apart because of their new hobbies and interests, but they know that one thing will bring them together: Riverdale’s Halloween party.

The preview finds Veronica presented with a new opportunity through her internship at Sparkle Publishing, while Betty does whatever she can to avoid thinking about a past mistake. Will B&V’s friendship survive? And will a shirtless Archie help or hinder their chances?

Check out the preview of the issue’s first five pages, as well as covers by Lanz, Veronica Fish, and Ryan Sook, below. Betty & Veronica #2 (of 5) goes on sale this Wednesday, January 30th.


  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a Riverdale episode in which Archie managed to keep his shirt on for the entire show.

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