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Best of 2000 AD Volume 1 cover by Jamie McKelvie & Tom Muller

Rebellion is launching a new series of full-length graphic novels, spotlighting bold science fiction tales from top creators and Judge Dredd, 2000 AD’s flagship character.

Best of 2000 AD launches in fall 2022 as a quarterly series of six 200-page graphic novels. It’s described as “an ultimate mix-tape’ anthology” aimed at readers who may never have picked up 2000 AD in its traditional format — a way to reintroduce the line’s brand of sharp SF social commentary to a new audience.

FC-BC_BEST OF_ISSUE 1_Cover A.indd
Best of 2000 AD Volume 2 cover by Becky Cloonan & Tom Muller

Each jam-packed volume — which will be designed by Tom Muller (House of X/Powers of X) — includes a self-contained contemporary Judge Dredd adventure, along with hidden gems from the 2000 AD vaults and ANOTHER full length story by creators including Sean Philips (The Fade Out, Kill or Be Killed), Frank Quitely (We3, All Star Superman), Fraser Irving (Batman Incorporated, Die! Die! Die!), Kevin O’Neill (Marshal Law, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Mick McMahon (The Last AmericanBatman), Pete Milligan (EnigmaX-statix), Rob Williams (Old HauntsSuicide Squad), Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead), Alan Moore (Watchmen, From Hell), Alan Davis (X-Men, Batman) and more.

There will also be new critical essays by prominent comics journalists and popular culture writers, including Tom Shapira, Chloe Maveal, Rosie Knight, Ritesh Babu, Tiffany Babb and Adam Karenina Sherif.

Finally, each volume has a cover from an artistic star, including Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked and The Divine), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), and Annie Wu (Hawkeye), with more to be revealed.

Are you sold yet?

FC-BC_BEST OF_ISSUE 1_Cover A.indd
Best of 2000 AD Volume 3 cover by Erica Henderson & Tom Muller

“Even in the teeth of the pandemic, graphic novels had one of their best years ever and Best of 2000 AD has been tailor-made to give bookstores a great way to stock the very best of British comics,” said Trade and Special Sales Manager, Owen Johnson in a statement. “With eye-catching covers, design, and impeccable storytelling, Best of 2000 AD brings the energy and creativity of Britain’s biggest comics brand to the book trade in a new and fresh way, giving readers curious about getting into graphic novels an irresistible sampling of stories that will appeal to all palettes.”

2000 AD has been a fixture of British comics since it launched back in the ’70s, with Judge Dredd becoming one of the most iconic characters of that time and beyond – and his dystopian world provides ample fodder for stories that might seem more non-fiction than SF.

“It’s called the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic for a reason,” said Rebellion CEO, Jason Kingsley OBE in his own statement. “If you love your comics dangerous, thrilling and life-affirming but have never read 2000 AD then this is your moment. This new publication is precision-engineered for new and curious readers. We want the Best of 2000 AD to convert a whole new generation into 2000 AD readers for life.”

The first volume is scheduled for release in September 2022 with following volumes released quarterly in book stores, distributed into the book trade via Simon & Schuster and the comic book direct market through Diamond Distributors.


  1. It might be noted that in British terminology, “comic(s)” often refers to the magazines, rather than the medium, while the medium would be called “comic strip(s)”.

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