When I first saw Warning Label on Webtoons, I worried that it was going to be a dissertation on how crazy girls can be. The premise is that an ex-boyfriend curses protagonist Danielle so that whenever she gets asked out, a warning label listing her flaws, quirks, likes, and dislikes appears. 

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find a self-assured lead character who embraces the list. While her ex thought he was getting revenge, he might actually have saved her a lot of dating headaches.

Created by Thomas F. Zahler, the romance web series is quirky, yet sweet. Danielle has no choice but to accept the curse placed upon her by a disgruntled ex. She admits the list is accurate (and apparently the former lover just couldn’t handle it and had a supernatural temper tantrum). As she gets to know a new beau who eventually wants to learn more about her, she is pleasantly surprised to find out that he isn’t scared off by her list. Or really anything else about her. Looks like a lovely romance will bloom. 

So maybe having a warning label isn’t so bad after all when it comes to dating. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of those details out early? I certainly would have made a few detours in my romantic history…

To read Warning Label, click here.

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  1. Would have been nice to have this article come out a few years ago while it was still being created. How about a link and article about his CURRENT work?

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