chesterbrownIt is perhaps surprising, given his huge reputation, just how slim Chester Brown’s published works are — five graphic novels and a short story collection. But given the power of the stories in THE PLAYBOY (1992) and I NEVER LIKED YOU (1994), the source of his stature is obvious. Two of the most painful, honest and haunting tales of adolescence ever put in comics, they are among the 100 best comics of all times, according to the Comics Journal.

In THE PLAYBOY, the clinically shy Brown discovers pornography, and the trauma, shame and guilt of obtaining an issue of PLAYBOY for the obvious reasons is told in a detail that is remarkable for its candor. This is also the source of the phrase “doing the Chester” for a certain masturbation position.


In I NEVER LIKED YOU we go back in time a bit to explore the young Chester’s attempts to connect with girls and his schizophrenic mother. If you were put off by the headless hookers of PAYING FOR IT, you’ll find the compassionate portrayal of the various girls who surround Chester quite rewarding — buxom Sky who he loves, skinny Carrie who has a violent crush on him; and beautiful Connie who seems as detached as he is. I NEVER LIKED YOU is the equal of any “Coming of age” movie you could name. It’s a masterpiece.

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PS: both books are first printings — I NEVER LOVED YOU is the original edition with the black page backgrounds — a revised edition has white pages, a revised panel layout and notes.


  1. I’ve already got these, so I won’t throw my name in, but I encourage anyone who hasn’t read these books to give it a try.
    Especial mainstream fans who might be looking for a good place to check out alternative comics. I Never Liked You is alt comics’ Dark Knight Returns.

    Yes it’s wobbly lined navel gazing, but its the very very best in that unique genre of comics.