On the small chance you’ve been off the grid the last few days, Bat fans were treated to the first look of Robert Pattinson donning the cowl. Daredevil comparisons and jokes aside, reactions seemed to be favorable for the most part. Set to hit theaters in summer 2021, filming for the The Batman underway in London. Incidentally, there’s more Batman coming at you for fans who happen to be in the foggy town this Spring.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products in partnership with DC and DC and Wonderland Restaurants have unveiled Park Row, a fully immersive Batman restaurant. As Dark Knight aficionados can tell you, the restaurant name choice, Park Row, is a reference to the area of Gotham City where Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned downed in front of a young and impressionable Bruce. Perhaps a little bit of a morbid choice of name, but based on the details from, you’ll quickly forget all about that.

Batman Restaurant

Opening in the heart of the Soho area at Mash Steakhouse, 77 Brewer Street, according to Big Hospitality, the 18,000 square foot, 330-seat venue will include three bars and five restaurants, including that just-revealed Iceberg Lounge, an homage to Batman’s flightless nemesis; the British-themed Pennyworth’s, named for his loyal English butler; an omakase restaurant inspired by sometime-Joker-sidekick Harley Quinn; and a “villainous speakeasy” called Old Gotham City.

Prices according to Forbes, start at an average of £45 ($58) per person, with the most expensive section of Park Row, the Monarch Theatre, reaching as high as £120 ($155) per head. You’ll definitely need the wealth akin to the Wayne fortune if you hope to get the full experience.

Take a look look at the photos on official Park Row Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more details about this Batman restaurant as they become available.