DC has announced that the resolicited Batman #96 and Batman #97, now both scheduled for release in August, will each feature Joker War-themed variant covers by Jorge Jiménez.

The variants are Joker War themed. While the foundations have already been laid in previous issues, the Joker War will officially be kicked off in Batman #95, scheduled to be released in July as part of DC’s revised release schedule.

(You may want to make a note of the fact that, like their releases in June and July, DC releases in August are scheduled for Tuesdays.)

On August 4th, Batman #96 is scheduled for release. Batman #96 is written by James Tynion IV and features interior art by Jiménez, a main cover by Guillem March, and a variant by Francesco Mattina in addition to Jiménez’s aforementioned Clownhunter variant.

In Batman #96, the Joker has unsheathed more powerful weapons than he has ever wielded before – and Batman must fight to hold his mind together in order to save the day! Can he make amends with those closest to him in order to secure the support he needs from his allies in order to succeed? Meanwhile, the villains of Gotham are sowing chaos as Catwoman attempts to assemble an army of her own.

Batman #96 cover by March.
Batman #96 cover by Mattina.
Batman #96 Clownhunter Joker War variant by Jiménez.

The follow up issue, Batman #97, is currently scheduled for release on August 18th. Written by Tynion IV, with interior art by Jiménez, and covers by March and Mattina in addition to the Jiménez Harley Quinn variant.


Batman #97 cover by March.
Batman #97 cover by Mattina.
Batman #97 Harley Quinn Joker War variant by Jiménez.

Which one of these covers will you be Clownhunting for when Batman #96 and Batman #97 are released in August? Or will you be avoiding the difficult decision by just picking up all three covers? Let us know in the comment section!