After announcing the release date of the much-anticipated Batman: Caped Crusader animated series, Vanity Fair has revealed the voice cast. Playing the titular character is none other than Hamish Linklater while Christina Ricci (no stranger to voice work in the world of Batman) will be playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Actress Jamie Chung meanwhile will be playing a radically different interpretation of Harley Quinn. In addition, Diedrich Bader, who not only has voiced Batman himself but other DC Comics characters over the course of his career, will be playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

Other actors in the series whose roles were not yet revealed include include Minnie Driver, Eric Morgan Stuart, Michelle C. Bonilla, Krystal Joy Brown, John DiMaggio, Mckenna Grace, Jason Watkins, Paul Scheer, Reid Scott, Gary Anthony Williams, Dan Donohue, David Krumholtz, Haley Joel Osment, and Toby Stephens.

As mentioned, Harley Quinn will be depicted in a radically different interpretation than previous iterations. Producer Bruce Timm elaborated in the Vanity Fair piece.

Harleen Quinzel has a more normal romantic relationship with the Gotham City detective Renee Montoya, which tempers her more vicious leanings as Harley Quinn. Montoya is a by-the-book honest cop, who doesn’t know her girlfriend’s secret underworld life, and her integrity is the one thing that gives Harley Quinn pause about her actions. However, she also doesn’t see Montoya and law enforcement in general as effective tools for dealing with the wrongdoers she’s uncovered. “The idea of putting them together was something that seemed kind of natural,” Timm says. “We figured, as a psychiatrist, her clientele are some of the richest, most powerful men in Gotham City, and they dump all of their crap on her. It’s driving her crazy. She hears all this stuff, but because of psychiatrist-client privilege, she can’t do anything about it. She can’t tell anybody. We figured some of these guys have probably confessed some really horrible things to her, and she’s just like, ‘Well, I can’t just turn this guy loose out on the streets, but I can’t turn him into the cops either.’”

In addition, a casting announcement video was released that also revealed some of the villains set to appear such as The Penguin, Natalia Knight, Gentlemen Ghost, and Firebug. It’s an interesting mix of familiar villains as well as those not as well known by the general public. It’s tempting to assume the Firebug in Caped Cruader may be based on the Harlan Combs version who debuted in the Gotham Central comic series from writers Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka since they are both involved in the animated series. 

Batman: Caped Crusader will be available to stream exclusively on Prime Video on Thursday, August 1.

About Batman: Caped Crusader
Welcome to Gotham City, where the corrupt outnumber the good, criminals run rampant and law-abiding citizens live in a constant state of fear. Forged in the fire of tragedy, wealthy socialite Bruce Wayne becomes something both more and less than human—the BATMAN. His one-man crusade for justice attracts unexpected allies within the GCPD and City Hall, but his heroic actions spawn deadly, unforeseen ramifications.

The series is a reimagining of the Batman mythology through the visionary lens of executive producers J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm. Based on DC characters, Batman: Caped Crusader hails from Warner Bros. Animation, Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Reeves’ 6th & Idaho. Along with Abrams, Reeves and Timm, Batman: Caped Crusader executive producers include Ed Brubaker, James Tucker, Daniel Pipski, Rachel Rusch Rich, and Sam Register.


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